The end of the world has come and gone. Written by K. A. Applegate and Michael Grant (the co-authors of Animorphs and Everworld), Remnants is a book. Mutation (Remnants, 5) [K.A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The best-selling author of ANIMORPHS and EVERWORLD. Breakdown (Remnants) [Katherine A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The best-selling author of ANIMORPHS and.

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The Mayflower Project

This article needs additional citations for verification. You need to login to do this. To view it, click here. There were a lot of characters and elements to juggle in this book, and therefore there was also a lot of point of view shifting. USB flash drive on Wikipedia. Back then Appelgate was too scared to read them.

Remnants Series by Katherine Applegate

What I love most about this book despite its sensationalistic plot is its spot-on depiction of human nature. On a scale from what would you give this book?

Would you recommend this book to other readers? The plot moves quickly, perhaps a little too quickly – despite including the destruction of Earth, it somehow ended up feeling like not a whole lot happened. That just shows you how big of an Applegrant fan I am. Applegate Impact events in fiction Apocalyptic fiction Post-apocalyptic fiction. Only a few people get a chance to survive and NASA is supposed to decide who will be the lucky He should not have had to see it again.


KA doesn’t pull any punches in this book, and from what I remember the rest of the series is similarly merciless. Still this book overall was pretty good. His brain did not shut down.

Remnants Series

Lost and Found by Katherine Applegate. A Kid’s Review 4. Alternating perspectives introduce us to the main players, but it is initially difficult to differentiate them. I’m glad I did. That being said, Jobs is sort of a Femnants Sue. I would not be able to make the decision. Especially when so many of them took on strange nicknames — what a weird way to conceptualize a decade in the future! It seemed to me to accomplish what it sets out to do — give us the rundown on the characters and the inciting event of the story, and get us interested in what is to come.

Mutation Remnants, 5 by K. The Mayflower Project Remnants, 1 3.

So, I give it 1 star, I did not like it. When him and Mo’Steel are almost killed by aliens but manage to stay alive together, they find themselves isolated from the rest of the crew and are struggling to find their ways back.


Remnants (Literature) – TV Tropes

The way the earth is destroyed does not feel very scientifically real. Something to think about. Applegate is a thrilling science fiction novel.

Meanwhile, I hate Yago so much already. This is one of the main reasons why I did not enjoy the book as much. Sure, there were parts that I laughed out loud about, but I have no idea what I just read.

It is the story of what happens to the survivors of a desperate mission remnanrs save a handful of human beings after an asteroid collides with the Earth. So, if you have kids, or if you’re just looking for something with good writing and great characters, you could do worse than this. Which is exactly how news get around now.

Please try again later. Not everyone wants them to get off the planet, and Jobs may accidentally be handed the reins to making sure at least a few people survive the death of the Earth.