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We report the results of five women’s groups workshopseach of which included five or six meetings, started with women victims of violence who looked for help at the Women’s Support House Prof.

I was returning home, when he caught my arm, threatened me with the knife and dragged me onto an empty piece of land. These pl results allow us to affirm the close connection between the impact of social conditions on women’s health and discrimination or social repression and sexual violence; these studies also indicate low self-esteem as a paramount factor caused by situations of exclusion, abandonment, need and threat experienced in relations, entailing negative consequences for quality of life Like in any trauma situation, and in rape cases in particular, some detail od associated with the tecnilogia, which the victim’s mind starts to reject in other persons, on other occasions, in other places, and which usually becomes difficult to identify and minimize without technical help: The researchers’ reflection and action were supported by literature about the theme, about psychodrama ttecnologia drama groupsand about NLP In line with an internal logic that answers the main research questions, we used the participants’ key words, which allowed us to establish connections in the studied process, in this case low self-esteem.

One of them had a light mental impairment. Is it possible that men consider themselves that superior and, therefore, sexually violate women?

PNL Programação Neurolinguística. A nova tecnología do sucesso

It is fundamental to clearly understand that the difference between genders is the organizing element of all inequalities between men and women in the public and private spheres, breaking with the traditional argument that tries to explain the male-female difference by motherhood and rests on domestic values for women. I look around me, noticing anybody who’s approaching.


Most health services lack trained professionals to recognize signs of violence. This modality, which basically results from the contributions of Anthropology, Sociology and Communication, allows us to study the phenomenon more profoundly and to understand the complexity of factors intervening in the “culture of low self-esteem”, mainly among women victims of violence; constructing a relationship of trust between these women and the researchers, in which they expose their situation and their life experiences, thus permitting a reflection and expectation of behavioral change in relation to their own self-esteem.

In one of the violence cases caused by a relative, the young woman expressed the feeling that the family considered her as guilty, because she provoked the individual.

Experiences lived at home and with loved and admired people, and mainly experiences resulting from the rape were responsible for the low self-esteem. Themes like repugnance, fear and the fruit of rape; image and place; death; revenge; support and solidarity; domestic violence and bad care delivery to victims were addressed during the meetings.

This makes articulation between the health, education and safety areas fundamental, suggesting joint actions between the three institutional spheres. In other words, affective needs cannot be mixed up with the absence of autonomy that has placed women in a submissive relation in the public and private spheres 1.

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They sucesos participated in psychodrama and NLP groups. This diagnosis requires a support group that goes beyond the health services, with a view to the solution of the identified problems and the easier surpassing of trauma resulting from this type of violence. We tend to get depressed and feel insecure about our capacity. Vinicio Fernandes marked it as to-read Oct 08, Women have increasingly conquered their rights in recent decades, although unequal relations between the sexes still continue, leading to serious problems, the worst of which are assassinations, often trcnologia from sexual violence against women 1.

The stories were transcribed and analyzed, preserving content fidelity. However, insisting on this difference as the essence of womanhood means maintaining the power relation between genders. Sexual abuse is still connected with other behavioral problems, such as the abuse of alcohol and other drugs and unsafe sex with multiple partners There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Overcoming the trauma was addressed as a challenge. Hostile or indifferent audiences cause substantial damage to our self-esteem” Rio de Janeiro RJ: Wilkson Sousa rated it liked it Sep 13, The authors believe that the achievement of autonomy and independence requires the satisfaction of affective and vital needs in general.



One of the most debated issued by the feminist movement is the acquisition process of female identity, which psychology has identified as the enigma of womanhood and, in this context, dependence.

Levine PA, Frederick A. I can’t see a gardener in the condominium where she lives, people informed the author of the rape was a gardener. Incidence levels of sexual violence, i.

About the workshops The workshops revealed that these women, like undergraduate nursing students in an earlier study 3responded to experiences at their homes, caused by brothers, fathers and people for whom they had felt affection and admiration in childhood, by means of low self-esteem. We believe that this research and the self-esteem workshops should continue, in order to improve the self-esteem assessment method before and after each cycle, i.

Violence against women is considered to be any injury caused by men, which results or can result in physical, sexual or psychological damage or suffering, including threats of these actions, or the arbitrary withdrawal of freedom, whether produced in public or in private life 1. Thiago Brant added it Mar 05, We attempted to understand the similarities and differences among the workshop participants’ experiences by analyzing their life stories, based on the organization of the participant’s experience by means of live testimonies The persistence of these feelings will lead to failures in their trajectory or different pathological processes 4.

The trauma can not only be healed but, with appropriate advice and support, it can be transforming Moreover, the theoretical-methodological reference framework of intersubjective relations permeates all participant social subjects, as well as the relation between researchers and subjects. Weaver K, Maddaleno M.