English translation of Tagore songs. A list of available translations for songs starts with alphabet A. 25 Oct আলোকের এই ঝর্ণাধারায় ধুইয়ে দাও. Aloker ei jhornadharay. Pour your cascades of sunshine. Bathing, steeping me in gold. Let layers of dust. Her translations are available on Gitabitan in English, where she and her friend, Rumela Sengupta, have transcreated more than songs of Tagore so far.

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The good thing is, Tagore-songs import messages that are so universal, I need not bother that they have lost their aura in the present day.

Winter is taking its time to show up this year. These were aimed at the participants and the audience, who were mostly non-conversant in Bangla. So the real challenge is to reach out through a contemporary, universally agreed upon diction, one that spans continents and cultures. If you need any translation which is not available in our list you may request for it mentioning the name of the song to the Editor through our contact page.

Dec 10, forever live in joy.

Gitabitan (English) – Tagore’s Ebook

The other kind of translation, is that which matches the beats and measures of the original poem. The hesitance started fading, like the lifting of a soft mist off an enormous mountain.

I am much indebted to my family, who have made Rabindranath my companion and friend, since I was a child. More power to my grandson, I say.


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He sits in the room adjoining a small veranda. Following is the poem, translated by Bhaswati Ghosh: I found that these translations when shared, resonated with the English speaking community — specifically, with those that had spiritual awareness in their lives. Nov 21, I will set sail on this lashing sea. Renowned singers have taken their music lessons and inspirations from this unusually gifted man. What follows next is as hazy as the darkness of that early or was it late winter evening that swept the outside once the award ceremony was over.

Against all odds, I made sure my son passed the matriculation examination. I confess that I am no English writer, or even a student of literature for that matter.

Why could I not learn Malayalam or Assamese in school? I was his eldest son and he enrolled me in a school. My friend, abide in my heart. I try to borrow idioms and ideas from everyday life sometimes.

I understand that this is nothing more than a personal experience.

Gitabitan in English

Friends Suman Dasgupta, Soumya Sankar Basu and Arindam Sengupta and others, often gave us razor-sharp and profound critique that we needed to craft these transcreations into the molds they would eventually become. Even as author Somendranath Bandyopadhyay, through his smooth and sensitive narrative—based on his closeness to Ramkinkar—recounted his days with the awe-inspiring artist, the enlish five years enabled me to experience My own Days with Ramkinkar Bai—vibrant, many-hued, at times tumultuous.

Both are worthy of effort, in my opinion. He lives in this room; it is his living room as well as bedroom. Feb 4, You are yet to snap out of your trance. Aug 19, My heart quivers my friend. Therefore to the Tagore fan of Bengal, any transcreation can easily seem like a travesty.


One may work on one or many more transcreations a day if this challenge of rhyming or singing to the transcreation, is not present. But not without light following it. One such woman is Pata Dei, the protagonist bearing the story title by Binapani Mohanty. So long then, Sir. Here I will describe the motivation and experiences that have been relevant to me in my work. May 2, When my heart is parched and dry. Watch all programme videos. We began to choose songs to transcreate on a certain day, based on our needs and emotions of that day.

A light breakfast fare—idlys, coconut chutney, small uttapams, diced papaya—lay in the small table between us. Kinkarda lives in this house now. It is time to go now. Thank you so much. My grandfather Subodh Majumdar was one of the first people in Bengal to self-teach Tagore songs, and to distribute them to his family and country.

I found the way to that door about five years ago. On probing, Amrita learns that Swapnesh has bought a young girl from the famine-struck district of Kalahandi for a paltry amount, only to bring her to the city for his sexual gratification.