1 Sep Mainframe DB2 UDB Admin Interview Questions, FAQs. Answer: Both online and offline are there, online reorg allows other transaction to. A free inside look at DB2 Database Administrator interview questions and General DB2 LUW DBA questions, if you know DB2LUW you will do fine. 1 Answer. 1.) Define DB2. DB2 is a Database Management System for the MVS Operating System where, DB2 is a subsystem of MVS Operating System. 2.) What is the.

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What are the inteeview of isolation available with DB2V4? If you create an indexit will sort the corresponding column If you are given with a query, how you tune it? What is the syntax required for the creation of a cursor?

DB2 Database Administrator Interview Questions

Describe two ways to create a primary key. The buffer pool is a reserved main storage, which is to satisfy the buffering requirements for one or more table spaces or indexes.

It is specified as a condition or criteria to ensure data integrity. When an application use private sort? The parameter is useful in managing in a shared environment with limited memory and high levels of connections.

What are the Maximum and minimum, number of partitions allowed in a partition tablesspace? What does the SQLcode of pertain to? In case if there are large updates to be done, then the resource utilization is high accordingly. Tell us something about DB2 memory structure root is Instance shared memory, below that is Database shared memory; within each Database there is Application Group shared memory, then each Agent has private memory.


What is a collection?

DB2 LUW DBA HowTo / DB2 LUW DBA Candidate Interview Question Sampler

What is lock escalation? Buffer manager can be considered as the component inside DB2 that qnswers in transferring data between virtual as well as external medium. Saturday, August 15, db2 udb dbA Interview Qustions.

The parameter assists in managing the load on the system during high concurrent application requests. How can you quickly find out the number of rows updated after an update statement? Load utility, if I want to load data with out any chance of taking the tablespace to back up pending state? What is the cascade rule and how does it relate to deletions made with a subselect?

How do you define a correlated name? When is the access path determined for dynamic SQL? What is an intent lock?

What is read-only cursor? The form questiond which data is retrieved depends on the way the table is defined inside the database. Interview questions answers pdf June 13, at 2: Whats snow flow schema?? Can I load a file of extension WSF? Describe the components of a table that are needed to establish referential integrity between two tables. Cursor stability is the property that tells the DB2 that the values of database that are read by making use of this application gets protected while the data is questioons.

Have you worked in portioned db? What is a result table? Comments are moderated and will not appear until approved by the xnd. Following a DB2 update statement, what is the quickest way to compute the total number of updated rows?


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In a private sortthe agent private memory is affected. When do you specify the isolation level? What should be specified along with a cursor in order to continue updating process after commit? Lot of updates have been done on a table due to which indexes have gone haywire.

In an SQL table that is embedded, what is the procedure to retrieve rows that are part of a DB2 table? What is a recovery log? What is a view? Sign Out URLs automatically linked. Your comment has not yet been posted. What is an asychronous write? If db2start is taking a long integview, what should you do?

Email address will not be displayed with the comment. This is the table that contains information on the links that exists between the qquestions created through referential constraints. What is meant by the attachment facility? How do you get tickets in your projects? A geek with outside technical interests is ideal. Load is faster than import, import is like bulk insert, every thing goes to the transaction log.