The Zafarnāma was a spiritual victory letter sent by Guru Gobind Singh Ji in to the Mughal In Punjab newspapers, it first appeared in the Khalsa Samachar of 16 July Translation of Zafarnama · English Translation of Zafarnama · Zafarnama in Gurmukhi, Perso-Arabic and Latin script with English translations. Description, This Punjabi translation of Guru Gobind Singh’s classic epistle Zafarnama written in Persian communicates the letter and spirit of this classic text . 19 Jan This time round, he has penned an English translation of Zafarnama – by Bhai Veer Singh for translating the Zafarnama into Gurmukhi.

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Zafarnama With Meanings Guru Gobind Singh Ji – SikhBookClub

However it is said that a copy of the Zafarnamawritten by himself, was found with the Mahant of Patna Sahib in and one Babu Jagan Nath made a copy; this copy was somehow misplaced by him. The emperor assured Bhai Dhaya Singh that he would do justice and that Guru Ji may be requested to meet him in the Deccan. Despite sending a huge army to capture or kill the Guru Ji, the Mughal forces did not succeed in their mission.

He it is who Creates all — from the tramslation ant to the powerful elephant, And is the Embellisher of the meek and Destroyer of the reckless. The second fortnight of December was the most difficult and critical period in the life of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.


Although he had greatly wronged the Guru he knew him to be a man of God pynjabi wanted to meet with the Guru personally to seek redemption.

Guru Ji heard from Bhai Dhaya Singh the sympathetic and remorseful mood in which the Emperor had punjxbi the reply. This letter was delivered under instruction of Guru Ji by Dhaya Singh Ji to the Emperor Aurangzeb this first letter is not the one know as the Zafarnama. He who rises also falls and comes to grief.

It is quite possible that in the process of translations and publications of the Zafarnama at different stages, some verses were not reproduced correctly and what we have tranelation is not the original Zafarnama of the Guru in its entirety. Guru Gobind Singh and Hari Chand.

> “Zafarnama” English Translation

Even at Machhiwara he was surrounded by enemy forces from all sides. Great is your munificence, in war you are like a mountain, Of angelic disposition, your splendor is like that of Pleiades.

He has no twist in Him, nor doubt. He who puts faith in thy oath on the Koran, He in the end, comes to ruin. Views Read Edit View history. Dasam Bani in Sikh History.

Nay, you have no faith in the One God. The written word and the verbal promise of your envoy, Both, should have been fulfilled by you. Bhai Dhaya Singh had taken this letter to Aurangzeb on December 26th Despite this deception, this treacherous leader could not harm the Guru. O man, beware and fear thy Translationn, For, though zafarnaja or cajolery He can be deceived not. Translated from an historical article published by S.

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Panjab Digital Library – Digitization of Zafarnama Guru Gobind Singh Ji

He is also believed to have sent a copy to Sardar Umrao Singh Shergill in Amritsar who is said to have given it to Khalsa college and which in turn reproduced in Makhz-e-Twarikh Sikhan. He who has no material possessions, no army, no ground to stand upon, Him too, Thou blessest with Heavenly Bliss. Guru Gobind Singh’s arrows.

Thy army dressed like blue bottles, Charged us, of a sudden, with a loud bang. Guru Gobind Singh and Tobacco. Sahib-e-kamal Guru Gobind Singh.

They stayed at the house of Bhai Jetha Ji.

The Emperor agreed and sent two messengers with Bhai ji and the letter. Death of Guru Gobind Singh.

Had you ever a mind to keep thy faith, You would have taken courage and come to me. Punjabu Ji had no enmity against Islam.

Torn heads and legs lay in heaps, As if the earth was covered with balls and sticks.