Read “The Einstein Factor A Proven New Method for Increasing Your Intelligence ” by Win Wenger, Ph.D. with Rakuten Kobo. “The Einstein Factor liberates. “The Einstein Factor liberates mental abilities you didn’t know you had. I tried the techniques in the book and they paid off instantly. It’s almost scary.”—Duncan. Mind development pioneer Dr. Win Wenger noticed a clear pattern. Now, with The Einstein Factor, you can learn to condition your mind in the same way.

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The good news eintsein, that the Einstein factor is already within every one of us. The Happiness Trap Russ Harris. Today, those numinous eyes, bushy mustache, and shock of silver hair remain the quintessential image of “genius,” the name a synonym for supernormal intelligence. Using Wenger’s techniques, you learn to bypass inhibitions and access the supranormal capabilities hidden in your own subconscious.

Win Wenger – Proven Techniques to Boost Your Brain’s Performance

Living in a Mindful Universe. Click here to Subscribe. A New Earth Eckhart Tolle. Listen to recording online. The One Thing Gary Keller. For centuries, the greatest chess masters in the world tested their mettle by playing blindfolded. The Science of Sin Jack Lewis. What Exceptional Leaders Know.

Read Win Wenger’s review of this 8-tape course here, including kudos and caveats. These speculations, while they appear nonsensical, reveal hidden cause-and-effect relationships, and they will trigger insights about your problem. His vision somehow aided Michelangelo’s genius for “freeing” forms from the stone.


Yet the invention of the pyramid was in no way inevitable or intrinsic to the Egyptian soul. Everything we do depends on our minds — yet we don’t often think of the mind as a tool whose powers can be multiplied dramatically.

Ten minutes of Image Streaming per day will suffice to induce profound, positive change in your life. The Gut Health Diet Plan. But, when we describe mental images into our tape recorder, we should take care to include in those descriptions other senses as well, especially those of taste and scent, which are often neglected.

The Einstein Factor: A Proven New Method for Increasing Your Intelligence

It is power unleashed when right and left hemispheres of the brain work together. Your brain, in its current state, has more capacity for learning, intelligence, and imagination than you’ve even imagined.

Here’s a list of foreign publishers. Some exercises may seen not to work for some people or may seem boring, however I suggest that you try as many of those as you can, with some patience, and the you WILL see results.

You can also do it any time or anywhere you want.

A “Retarded” Achievement Was Einstein’s mental development affected by some analogy to the swings, ladders, treadmills, and toys of Diamond’s super-rats? Lenny Davidson rated it really liked it Dec 19, Favorite Recipes with Herbs. In an old Welsh epic, a bard boasts, “I have been in many shapes. Take a piece of paper. You’re not “supposed” to see any particular thing.

Joe rated it liked it Apr 24, Stay in Touch Sign up. Many people fail at this point, because they think the image must remain in their conscious view the whole time they’re describing it. Wih was talking about people like Imhotep.


Return to Book Page. What we feel in dreams or imaginations wejger the same emotions as real experiences this feature can easily be taken advantage of. The Oxygen Factor So the method was more than an experimental oddity.

Einstein Factor : Win Wenger :

I love questions and this allows me to explore with a purpose. I like the exercises, and have incorporated some into my routine. Short summary, very thought provoking book about all of our potential. Nearly every technique produced striking. If you’re wondering whether to include some nuance elnstein some triviality in your description, go ahead and describe it.

However, when you look at the actual pond we realize that it’s one and the same. Treat the tape recorder as a telephone, as though you are describing the scene to a friend. Feel free to enhance, exaggerate, or make up parts of your description, if these embellishments give the image more enistein and life.

According to classical physics, you would not — because light leaving your face would have to travel faster than light in order to reach the mirror.