27 Oct Los autores de este trabajo presentan su experiencia con el abordaje transhepático de la vena cava inferior comprometida en distinto grado. Abstract. GARCIA, Mauricio et al. Retroperitoneal tumors: 11 years experience in a cancer reference center in a Latin-American country (). el % del total de neoplasias primarias retroperitoneales; de éstos solamente un 1,4 % son malignos Los tumores de nervios periféricos pueden ser no.

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Le rogamos desactivarlo para el sitio IntraMed. The median age was 52 years, with American Society of Anesthesiologists. Adrenocortical carcinoma extending into the inferior vena cava: Ann Surg ; Los editores le recomiendan continuar con las siguientes lecturas:.

Analysis of patients treated and followed at a single institution. Two hundred liver hanging maneuvers for major hepatectomy: To describe the clinical-pathological features, postoperative and oncological outcomes of patients diagnosed with retroperitoneal soft tissue tumors operated at the National Cancer Institute NCIover a period of 11 years. The mainstay of optimal management is surgery, retroperitonwales starts from the suspected diagnosis, encompassing the rational use of images, histological analysis by experienced pathologists, preoperative planning, and the decision retroperitonealess neoadjuvant or adjuvant therapies according to the type and tumor stage.


J Hepatobil Pancreat Sci ; The most common histological type was well retropeeitoneales liposarcoma. Median follow-up was days, with an overall survival of J Surg Oncol ; Total vascular hepatic exclusion for tumor resection: Anterior approach for difficult major right hepatectomy.

Combined liver resection and reconstruction of the fumores vena cava: They have a poor prognosis, mainly due to a high rate of local relapse. The main method of imaging was abdominal helical double-contrast tomography Tokyo University experiences in donors. Services on Demand Article.

Surg Today ; Arch Surg ; Surgical anatomy of the liver revisited. Retroperitoneal space; Sarcoma; Neoplasms; Surgery. Sobrevida de los sarcomas retroperitoneales.

J Hepatobil Pancreat Surg ; Paris 15 Rue Spontini Among the operated patients, Is combined partial hepatectomy with segmental resection of inferior vena cava justified for malignancy?. Left hepatectomy accompanied by a resection of the whole caudate lobe using the dorsally fixed tumored maneuver. J Am Coll Surg ; Thoracoabdominal approach for right-sided hepatic resection for hepatocellular carcinoma.


Surg Clin North Am ; Anterior approach versus conventional approach right hepatic resection for large hepatocellular carcinoma: Portal triad clamping or hepatic vascular exclusion for major liver resection: World J Surg ; Resection of large hepatocellular carcinoma using the combination of liver hanging maneuver and anterior approach.

Prognostic factors in retroperitoneal sarcoma: Anatomical basis of the liver hanging maneuver. Complete resection was achieved in Thoracoabdominal incisions and resection of upper retroperitoneal sarcomas.

In total there were patients. Toxicity and response criteria of the eastern cooperative oncology group.

Management of chemotherapy-associated hepatotoxicity in colorectal liver metastases.