Smaller and Smaller Circles is a Filipino mystery drama film directed by Raya Martin with a screenplay by Ria Limjap and Moira Lang, based on the novel of the same name by F. H. Batacan. : Smaller and Smaller Circles (Soho Crime) (): F.H. Batacan: Books. 21 Apr When F.H. Batacan first published Smaller and Smaller Circles—now acknowledged as the Philippines’ first crime novel—she was calling for a.

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The plot is good and descriptive about the events.

Smaller and Smaller Circles

However, because of the setting and rich character development, it was still worth the read even without a good deal of suspense. Smaoler Read Edit View history. Americanah Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Crime Mysteries Spiritual Fiction Category: Retrieved from ” https: However in my country, sadly, this is to be taken literally.

It was true in the 90’s and it’s still true in this day and age! The story is centered on the mutilation murders of young boys- the poorest of the poor in Manila. But on a more important note it is a failure of the state. So all in all I’d say there’s a good amount of thrill to get from reading the book as your good old detective story, but there’s definitely more to it than just that these issues, however, warrant a much broader discussion, which I’m hoping I f.h.batavan get to soon in a much more lengthy fh.batacan.

Jul 23, K. The descriptions are spot on and easy to follow.

Bansuy brought turon to Father Saenz as thanks. The politician who forgoes sleep to help Saenz and Jerome is the anti-stereotype of “lazy money-grubber”.


It was very difficult to read this novel — I had no stomach for violence or abuse against children even before I became a cigcles, and I’m exponentially more sensitive to it now — but at the same time I could not put this down.

I thought the flow of the story is ‘by the formula’, just like many other crime novels, so you won’t have a hard time following it.

Smallre for Baker Streeters looking for an engaging multicultural incarnation of their hero. The story behind how Smaller and Smaller Circles came to Soho Press in its current form Smaller and Smaller Circles was first published as a 35,word manuscript in September in the Philippines to a storm of critical acclaim.

In addition, we see the Payatas and see the lives f.h.bahacan those who live around the dump and make their living off of it. Another important issue raised by the book is child labor. An interesting thing about this book is its slightly self-effacing humor, because no matter how difficult the case may be to solve or how disgusting the procedures of forensics science are, the book can skip from grim dialogue to bits of playful witticisms and banter and back without missing a beat.

Aug 18, Pages Buy. It’s to the author’s immense credit that she makes these diversions impossible to dismiss, just as she gives an incredible emotional force to an ending that is as artful as it is lurid.

Overall, it’s not a bad book. He won’t look at it yet–although he already cirrcles what it is–not until he has more or less cleared away the refuse above and around it.

I thought the flow of the story is ‘by the formula’, just like man I remember reading this for our Philippine literature class in college, several years ago, but I don’t remember the story.


As it turned out, she had already considered such a story expansion, and immediately got to work on what would become the finished manuscript of the Soho edition. We are taken into the mind of a psychopath and we realize, with a little shock of pleasure, that we understand just how it thinks.

Smaller and Smaller Circles by F.H. Batacan

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The suspect lives under the cover of being a skilled middle-class dentist because it enables him to hunt down little boys who remind him of his past friends, all abused like him by a PE teacher in Payatas High School. How important it was to him to have said this, the one thing the could not say all those terrible, silent years. Batacan also started a literary revolution by producing what is skaller widely acknowledged as the first Filipino crime novel.

This isn’t a “love-and-promote-your-own” sort of thing. Reservoir 13 Reservoir Jon McGregor.

Smaller and smaller circles

The portrayal here is harsh but spot on, law enforcement agencies and officers are not only incompetent but also corrupt. What got me confused with the entirety of the story is at first it felt like it was about murder.

Simply put, this follows the investigation of a serial killer case. What I discovered with myself while reading this book is how green I am when it comes to books set in my own country and Smallet pretty sure I’m not the only one. What about the cases where common people are kidnapped, raped, or murdered?