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Mounting Type, Surface Mount. Package / Case, SOIC (“, mm Width ). Supplier Device Package, SOIC. Base Part Number, SI SIC-FSR Silicon Labs Interface – CODECs Voiceband codec 84 dB A/D & D /A voice codec datasheet, inventory, & pricing. Hi, I’m starting an audio (intercom) project with the dsPIC33FJ64GP and SI I want to use DCI in slavemode (with DMA) and SI in.

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Two resitors cost nothing – only si30000 space on my PCB. I will follow your suggestions; I think is time to check the hardware, and throw away the resistors Problems with Programming Oscillator in XC Medline Ultra Low Temperature Freezers.

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Si Voice Codecs | Silicon Labs

So do I need to add some code to playback samples? I choose to drive the operational mode of the si by resistors and then I comment out your soft-reset. I allready downloaded you brilliante source and followed your advise with SI as master and fsync generator. Meeting all our customer’s needs with personal account management and a flexible approach to pricing. There are any number of ways changing the code could do this.

Oznog One thing troubles me though. You didn’t remove the entire si3kResetdid you?

Your project is very nice and well documented, good job. IIRC Microchip wrote code putting it in Slave mode, so some people start with the idea that it’s necessary or more compatible somehow. Many thanks for your time Oznog.


Nor do I know what would happen inside the SI if the Secondary Frame were not requested and completed before the next Primary Frame is required.

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I use your code to delay after the reset and before to leave the si3kReset. At Medline Scientific, we are dedicated to delivering expert advice and excellent customer service to provide our customers with the latest scientific and laboratory equipment. Running with a separate osc for the Si3K was not intended at the time of writing, but I do see how to make it work.

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These windows can be utilized for both commercial and residential applications. The number of panels, direction of the panels and dimensions of the unit and panels are all cut to your measurements. This is typically somewhat difficult to capture on a scope. The code has everything necessary.

Si3000 Voice Codecs

The windows are ai3000 used for enclosed patios, sunrooms, and serving windows between kitchens and dining rooms in residential settings. Folding windows by Solar Innovations, Inc. Since you mention having tinkered with it to work with a different configuration, I recommend you unzip a whole new copy of the code. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Precipoint M8 Digital Microscope and Scanner.

Can you help me how? Forum Themes Elegant Mobile. Slave mode was not well documented by SILabs and left many questions unanswered. One thing troubles me though. Sorry was not clear to me. The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition. It would take a huge rewrite to use Slave Mode 2, and personally I think Slave mode is a big mistake. If you are seeing a problem please describe it. That does essnetial initializations of pin directions and such so excluding this would break the code.


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Hello Oznog, I decide to make some change to my board to meet your requirements. The code requires that the si3K be put in Master Mode 1. Hello Oznog, I’m in trouble running your software. This is yet another reason why putting the SI in Slave mode is simply not a good idea. Our si30000 team are always happy to advise and provide you with cost-effective, high-quality products.

Essentials Only Full Version.

I have done extensive work with the Si with the 33F series and the DMA controller, and have made the decision to make the source code available.

Where did you insert this reset delay? The code will do this in software. Oznog can you tell me which are the “default clock divider values”? With a significant stock holding, there are occasions when we make special offers for goods which have been superseded or are end of line.

Finally I put some delay during the reset of the si and so3000 to continue ssi3000 program, to si000 the correct wake-up. But an extra oscillator for MCLK take much more space and is exspensive. OK I will double check the change I made to your software again, looking for pin initialization too.