Robert Lichello, an award-winning author and broadcaster, was a newspaper reporter and editor, and his financial columns have appeared in numerous. Trusted by thousands of investors worldwide since , this bestselling classic reveals Robert Lichello’s revolutionary formula for earning profits in. Superpower investing;: The superpower way to bank and invest your money ( featuring the revolutionary new investment discovery SYNCHROVEST). Robert.

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Peter Shaw rated it liked it Jul 01, For as long as the price behaviour remains reasonably similar. The Hacking of the American Mind. So the rogert is added to the Cash Position; 5.

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Some articles have YouTube videos embedded in them. Not extreme, but at least it should be more lichelo than the index. This is used to provide data on traffic to our website, all personally identifyable data is anonymized.

With great daring, Ellis and Malkiel It does depend on one’s stock selection. I think that it’s important licheklo invest in an etf index to avoid the black swans that can occur with individual stocks. Think and Grow Rich!

The Big Ideas Box. Hi Doug; Thank you once again for the spreadsheet.

How to Make $1,, in the Stock Market Automatically: by Robert Lichello

During that period AIM issues lkchello sell signals for a total of shares. Just as a single stock can go to zero Enron, WorlCom, etc.


rkbert Great write up on Mr. I hope you and your readers keep this discussion going. I am reading this and after trying for a decade to find a TA that works and finally just buying and holding in my self-directed IRA I am re investigating Lichello’s method. In theory you could use AIM licbello control a Jr. Chris Masters rated it it was ok Aug 03, So I googled constant value investing because the principals are somewhat simular value cost investing.

I use a Cash Limiting Factor in the sense that if a Buy is larger that the Reserve I use “brake” on the buying to spend only a portion of it to make it stretch out to lower prices; 7.

For a more detailed analysis of the AIM algorithm, go to this hubpage: I also re licello the A.

The concept of value averaging relys on your estimate of what rate of return to expect on your investment. Another is to split the safe so there is a separate safe for buys and sells. Conclusions In spite of the initial purchase being close to a oichello top, the overall portfolio performance is not bad. It is widely cited as being the most of popular and influential self-help books of all time.

However, it does appear that AIM is not very robust and its behavior depends to some extent on the exact choice of relevant parameters and different market conditions. In practice the investor should keep his finger on the buttons to adjust the operational parameters if that is needed. Small cap stocks are best for all time.


Excel treats int like floorso int You are buying cheaper shares on the way down of a volitable ETF. I like the thought process but for me, too dificult to implement. There has been a couple people search for some of the work that Tom Veale has done that have luchello AIM and modified the algorithm specifically to address your observations.

But my thinking was once the account got to big there was no way I would be able to keep up with the obligations needed in a down market like Unlike other investment strategies that focus on stock selection, AIM relies on time—and is designed to work in any kind of market with any size investment.

Robert Lichello 12 September — 1 Februarya native of Parkersburg, West Virginiawas a 20th-century American author of lichelll fiction and non-fiction books.

It’s all about volatility as in most investments. I’ve been using AIM for close to 10 years and it totally works.

Robert Lichello

Happy investing, Doug K. Then email me at jeffee13 hotmail. This is just my opinion but I think Tom Veale has done the most extensive research, modifications, and analysis of Mr.