Placebo has 28 ratings and 6 reviews. Howard Pittman . This is a book every Christian should read, especially at this time when chaos is increasing in global. Discover the hidden truths about satan and demons, as Pastor Howard Pittman reveals through his near death experience as he was shown the demonic army. The following account comes from Pittman’s book, Placebo, concerning what he saw and experienced as he was given a guided tour of the spirit realm after.

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The demons plaecbo work in children under the age of accountability are allowed to do so only after obtaining this special permission. This world was a place occupied by spirit beings as vast in number as the sands of the seashore. Ben marked it as to-read Aug 25, They were all clothed alike with the garments appearing to be made up of two pieces.

Return to Book Page. They are those who have been called specifically by the Holy Spirit to a deliverance ministry and in almost every case, those called to a deliverance ministry have also received the gift of discernment.

Some of the forms were so morbid and revolting that I was almost pittmn the point of nausea. The color of the garments was a pastel, baby blue with one of the garment pieces being a shade lighter than the other piece.

Here I was, an insignificant nothing and the smallest creature in all his universe, bartering words with this great and awesome God who had created it all. He assured me that God would hear howaard answer my request. The angel had to fight and could not get through alone so he had to call for reinforcements.


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Wanting his answer no matter what it was, I timidly started pleading my case again. However, man was not left defenseless. He put it to me as plain as words and actions could make it. He did say there are some who will experience His everlasting wrath. At the moment I resisted satan, he fled from me. All of those possessing this area of expertise seemed to group together at about the second place of command. It will only work when the Christian knows without a doubt what he is doing. John denied it, but Jesus confessed that it was so.

At times, even the strongest Christian may doubt their existence and activities, thus making it easier for them. Channelno5 marked it as to-read Nov 20, God told me that He would not accept this kind of worship in the day of the Pharisees and He certainly was not about to accept it now in this the Laodicean Church Age.

Pam marked it as to-read Feb 13, He then tells the “patient” that it is real and that it is all the “patient” needs. And in thy name done many wonderful works? He tells them that it is alright to go to church on Sunday and uoward mid-week services but as far as the rest of the time is concerned, they are to get all they can out of life. I was amazed as I watched all the activity of the humans in the physical world. For those who claim to be Christians, they are supposed to be ambassadors for Christ here on Earth.

By this time I suddenly realized that my physical life was not so important after all. He does not believe in the impending coming of pittmah Lord and he does not prepare to meet God. Because of the importance of that message, satan did not want it delivered. Here it was, the passageway from Earth to the Third Heaven. The surprise howad so overwhelming in its magnitude that it rendered me senseless. He then tells the “patient” that it is real and that it is all the pllacebo needs.


This feeling came to me shortly after I had entered the second heaven and I wondered what was causing it.

They have bought the great lie from satan who tells them that they are alright. I could not believe God was talking to me in this manner! My friend, I declare unto you that this is the exact “treatment” that most “mouth-professing” Christians are using today. Whatever it is that motivates them seems to excel in their very being while they, in turn, are expressing their fury upon the flesh.

Placebo – Howard O. Pittman

They claim to be Christians and then live like the devil. They move through our lives by littman and trickery and keep us totally unaware of their activity.

It seems very simply howarrd but you find that somehow the book ends up being very powerful to you as a reader. I told God that I figured out that Hezekiah was the “good-old-boy” type that the intentions of his heart were pure, but he seemed to be unable to translate out those intentions into everyday living.

Even at this stage, my physical life was still my primary concern.