Mexica by Norman Spinrad – book cover, description, publication history. 27 Nov I think we need to make Norman Spinrad an honorary Chicano. His novel of the conquest of Mexico, Mexica, is the reason. It was published in. The year is In a small hut on the slopes of the volcano Popocateptl, scholar and poet Alvaro de Sevilla reflects on his extraordinary life. For Alvaro was one.

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He and his agent bounced the book all over Nueva York — and couldn’t sell it. While on their travels they are known as Children of Fortune, and are treated with indulgence and kindness by most in memory of their own wanderjahr.

No Political Naïf: An Interview with Norman Spinrad

And first contact between homo sapiens and extraterrestial aliens has, of course, been a central staple of science fiction for a century or so. But the novel never came together. Lee Wood, who had written Waiting for the Madhia novel set in a near-future Muslim Middle East, had done a lot of research norjan it, and I had gotten interested and read it all myself.

He rejected it without even taking it to his publication committee. Norman Spinrad has published over twenty novels in the last fifty years.

No Political Naïf: An Interview with Norman Spinrad – Los Angeles Review of Books

But it is already out of print. Mexica is meticulous, careful, considered, the prose is thoughtful and precise, at once providing the richness of detail but without meandering or info-dumping on its readers.

What followed can best be captured by the immortal words of another world conquerer Julius Caesar: His revolutionary science fiction novels were out of print, but the British wave of comic writers like Warren Ellis and Alan Moore, as well as an appreciation from the new thing called the internet, brought him back.


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It’s also a powerful rendering of an important subject. Refresh and try again.

For Alvaro was one of the small army of conquistadors who, some years earlier, set out to conquer an empire. The means by which television corrupts democratic politics by its power to sell policies and candidates as if they were so much toilet paper and dog food.

Well, the good news is, you can! To view it, click here. I have personally read this book at least 3 times, and think it is just wonderful. Mexica is pretty fantastic The first few pages were a bit confusing I had to re-read them but in short order, it really takes off.

Norman Spinrad

Spinrad wrote the script for an episode of the original Star Trek television series, titled ” The Doomsday Machine ” Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. You want wild entertainment? Might have helped to have the phonetic spellings of some of the Aztec words for those if us not able to know how they should be said.

I picked up as many recent Spinrad novels as I could I somehow found a bunch in a central Illinois used bookstore which were at the time, “Russian Spring” and “Greenhouse Summer”. But, before you go online or to you’re favorite bookstore to grab a copy, don’t bother.

The Druid King is a historical novel about the conflict between Vercingetorix and the Roman Empire. Because things being what they were, the Western body politic, indeed the Islamic body politic, the Umma, needed to read a story like this. Meanwhile, Nueva York has missed the boat. Mexica tells the story of the downfall of Moctezuma and the Mexica empire, at the hands of Hernan Cortes and his small company of conquistadors, through the eyes of Alvaro de Sevilla, a scholar who advises Cortes and comes to regret his part in events.


Spinrad has been called “perhaps the most controversial American component of science fiction New Wave movement of the mid-to-late s, and if such an idea is conceivable, has probably irritated and offended as many readers and critics as has [Harlan] Ellison “.

But not in the old way. Sympathy for the Devils. But to write such a novel, I also had to invent a style that would not only convey the consciousness meica Barron himself as transformed and evolved by his experience as both a media creation and a manipulator of his own televisual avatar but would also some give the reader something as close as I could normah, using words on paper, to the experience of actually watching the show on television itself.

It was published in Spanish in Mexico, where it was a bestseller. Ediciones B- Fiction – pages.

Norman Spinrad At Large: First US paper edItion of MEXICA now on sale

Accurate history is portrayed. Norman Spinrad Spinrad at Utopiales in They had no children. Mexica feels like it was written by a completely different author than the writer of The Solarians. Meixca that is very scary.

Mexica Norman Spinrad No preview available – He married fellow novelist N.