16 Oct Title: Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen Author: Piper, H. Beam [Henry Beam] ( ) Date of first publication: Edition used as base for this. Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen [H. Beam Piper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lord Kalvan Otherwhen [H. Beam Piper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Back cover text: The Paratime Police patrolled the vast number.

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For a few moments they cut and parried, and then he drove the point into his opponent’s unarmored face, then tugged his blade free as the man went down.

He says he heard the other two officers pounding on the back door and demanding admittance, and then the man they were after burst out the front door with a rifle in his hands.

She had blue eyes and red lips and an impudent tilty little nose dusted with golden freckles.

Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen

He was still alive after three days. Nobody had discovered fulminating powder and invented the percussion-cap, but they had everything short of that.

There was about one firearm to three polearms.

Vurth, the peasant, stood facing them, a short horseman’s musketoon slung from his shoulder and a horn flask and bullet-bag on his belt. I’d have done it all from Calvin Morrison’s point of view, but that’s just my opinion. Then another rider was coming at him, unarmored, wearing a cloak and a broad hat, aiming a pistol almost as long as the arm that held it. Outside, a dog was barking, and farther off somebody was drilling troops–a couple of hundred, from the amount of noise they were making.


Most of them also carried short musketoons or lances.

Lord Kalvan Series by H. Beam Piper

The other went inside. The novel Uller Uprising is the clearest example of this, being based on the Sepoy Mutiny. A man behind him caught a crossbow quarrel in the forehead and pitched forward, dropping a long pistol unfired. The Paratime Police patrolled the vast number of alternate time dimensions. Please tell us about any errors you have found in this book, or in the information on this page about this book.

Preview — Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen by H. Alexander Morrison simply couldn’t endure not having his own way. The value of the handcuffs and the whistle was problematical. Read it for the historical value To pf persuade his superiors to leave Morrison alone, Vall also recruits historians on the Home timeline.

The youth with the axe said something, and they all laughed. You’ll need it to kill more Nostori before long. Welcome to Lord Kalvan’s world: This is a great moment in the history of Hostigos.


She looked along the table, from one to another. And then I had to shoot him myself!

Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen, by H. Beam Piper, from Project Gutenberg Canada

And now, they were all drunk on a hundred pounds of black powder. It was full dark when he saw a light ahead. Before he can get to the house he and his partners are storming he is “abducted”. It was also why some Paratimers didn’t make it home. Lined with collapsed metal, it now weighed over half a ton. He’d have to do something about coke some time. Jack French and Steve Kovac would be starting down from the road above, where they had left the car.

Charcoal would be no problem–there was plenty of that, burned exclusively in the iron-works in the Listra Valley and extensively elsewhere. Heep, heep, heep, heep! He picked up a sigma-ray needler from the desk in front of him and holstered it. Not looking for a “free” download. But then he meets people and re A classic of lofd worlds.