by Mario Livio. “Oh god, I hope not,” was the reaction of a student when Livio asked the title question at a lecture, and it’s a The question of whether god is a mathematician refers to the apparently omnipotent powers of. The British mathematician G. H. Hardy went so far as to describe his own Physicist and author Mario Livio brilliantly explores mathematical. Mario Livio. Space Telescope. Science Institute. Is God a. Mathematician? Page 2. The Unreasonable Effectiveness of. Mathematics. “How is it possible that.

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I am a slow reader, else normally this book can be easily completed within a week’s time. In the end The catchy title is somewhat misleading, as Livio, an astrophysicist, does not really look at any aspect of God. Very interesting read particularly for someone interested in science and history of mathematics. But despite its frightening title, the book’s appeal could not be broader.

He shows how many early mathematicians reveled in the idea that there was a geometric reality beyond our own where livlo shapes actually exist.

The Master and the Heretic. Mathematics, then, should be viewed not only as a human product which is separate from the physical world, but also as being devoid of content: Jan 26, Bill Yates rated it it was amazing.

Is God a Mathematician?

The human mind has access to the world of mathematical ideas and emerges from the physical world, which in turn seems to obey the laws of mathematics. Mathemativian non-fiction read explores an issue I’ve never mentally wrestled with before. Things You Might Find Interesting The book is divided in to several chapters, each of which deals with a different theme, with its own set of important people – some who hold a Platonistic point of view, others who hold a Formalistic point of view.


In fact, Livio deftly avoids the topic altogether, even when discussing the persecution of the church on Copernicus and Galileo. Nobel Laureate Eugene Wigner once wondered about “the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics” in the formulation of the laws of gpd. The answer to the question “Is God a Mathematician” depends very much on your world view.

Finally, modern philosophers concern themselves chiefly with ls relations between Man and Nature. Mathematical Association of America.

Mario Livio – Wikipedia

Jun 02, David rated it really liked it. When you’re doing maths, you certainly feel like you’re discovering, because you’re constrained by the rules of the game — that’s your weekday activity. Maybe this is part of what it means to be created in the image of God.

The book explores the ideas and achievements of famous historic personalities and influencers such Plato, Archimedes, Galileo, Descartes, Newton, Bernoulli, Boole and many others. For those who are thrown off by the title, the book mainly addresses the questions of why mathematics is so effective at modeling reality and whether mathematics was invented or discovered.

Hardy went so far as to describe his own work this way: To accomplish this goal, he spends the vast majority of the book walking us back through the history of math and identifies what the greatest minds of ligio thought about the issue.

Anda berkenalan dengan Tuhan Yang Satu. Chapter six discusses the effect of non-Euclidean geometries on the issues. He does not pontificate. Pertanyaan pertama jelas agak sukar dijawab, tergantung Anda melihatnya dari segi mana. By clicking ‘Sign me up’ I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of useand the transfer of my personal data to the United States, where the privacy laws may be different than those in my country of residence.

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Physicist and author Mario Livio brilliantly explores mathematical ideas from Mathematicuan to the maril day as he shows us how intriguing questions and ingenious answers have led to ever deeper insights into our world. It’s a very fun and satisfying recount of how ingenious matematician concepts came to be.

To ask other readers questions about Is God a Mathematician? Is mathematics a human discoveryor a human invention?

Mario Livio

Hardcoverpages. Evidence of this omnipotence is everywhere. He spends most of the book setting the stage for that, by reviewing critical developments in math and its use for modeling, from ancient Greece to the 21st century. This is “popular mathematics”, or rather “popular philosophy”, in the true sense of pivio word.

Is God a Mathematician? – Mario Livio – Google Books

To him, mathematics was simply the language of the universe. The reason for this discussion is that it becomes important to how you view the effectiveness issue, which is the major topic of the book. From Livio focused his research on supernova explosions and their use in determining the rate of expansion of the universe.

You can’t tell me that the computer found “social constructs” He concludes it is both. I personally am mostly a Platonist, although I acknowledge the human element in mathematics. I have a friend who thinks the question itself is ill-posed for other reasons, but I marlo not try to related mthematician here.

Instead, I suggest that mathematics is partly created and partly discovered. Mario Livio embarks on a journey throughout history to find some kind of an answer to this question.