Find great deals for Sony HVR-S High Definition DV Camcorder. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Sony HVR-S This device is in our compatibility list because it has a “clean output” i.e. no menu information on the sensor output. By understanding what. 22 May The HVR-Z7 and HVR-S camcorders take Sony’s commitment to the HDV format to the next level. Both are based on the same core.

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Very good shotgun mike included. It uses full-size batteries, which places the center of balance squarely on the shoulder of the operator without any of the shoulder-harness gizmos that attach to a handheld—the ones that often look like a torture device with numerous sliders, levers, knobs, and the like.

As on the Z7, having the menus and the picture profiles accessed from the same side of the camera makes tweaking the camera more convenient and less disruptive. High Definition LCD When shooting HD footage, standard LCD screens can be very deceiving; what looked perfect amidst a full-day video shoot can sometimes prove very soft or out of focus while in post-production.

Viewfinder and LCD screen are the best s70 brightest I’ve seen on any camera of this kind. Might opt for ENG lens over the one it comes with if I had to do over. Since they hvf identical core components, feature sets, and performance, which one you hrv depends on the sort of camera you feel best fits your operating style and workflow.

Sony HVR-SU i HDV Camcorder HVR-SU B&H Photo Video

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. There is almost no portholing edge darkening or vignetting even at full telephoto; it only affects the outermost edges of the image and is unnoticeable without a waveform monitor—and stopping down to f2.


This equals the EX1 in p mode, is a third of a stop faster than the HVX, a stop faster than the Z1, and two stops faster d270 the V1. If you want cleaner images, the Z7 and S offer both -3dB and -6dB gain settings. Trade In Your Gear for Cash. The top of the body, underneath the handle, has shot-transition and hcr buttons.

camRade camSuit HVR-S – Holdan Limited

The picture is beautiful in both modes hbr the compact flash recorder is a bonus. Have you found it cheaper? Images will appear crisper, without the apparent “jaggies” that often plague video signals. Tapes load downwards though a hatch on the top right side of the camcorder; the S accommodates both miniDV and standard large DV cassette sizes. Slide it forwards, and it free-spins like any other servo focus ring. The cameras offer clear scan shutter speeds as well as fixed, preset shutter speeds.

My only quibble with this is that neither the viewfinder displays nor the side status panel offers a 4-channel level meter option; you can only see d270 channels at a time.

Full auto is better than the one push. See details for description of any imperfections.

Supported Cameras

You are commenting using your WordPress. Rated 4 out of 5 by Mike from Great camera and very versatile!

In HDV interlaced modes, the cameras shoot 60i, 24p, d270 30p as previous Sonys did: The seller is good. Transport controls are under a flip-up cover on the left top panel, next to the loading hatch.


I find it easier to shoot and stabilize on my shoulder than the A Digital Extender button, labeled L1, allows a 1. The lens hood bayonets in place, leaving the 72mm threads free for filters.

Review: Sony HVR-Z7 & HVR-S270 1/3″ 3-CMOS HDV camcorders

The LCD pivots atop the EVF, which itself is fully adjustable The ECM-XM1 mic clamps to the side of the viewfinder with a quick-release shockmount, and the front of the viewfinder has slide switches to enable peaking, the front-mounted tally lamp, and to toggle between the composite video output jack and the LCD they cannot be used at the same time.

Choose between standard,and two Cinematone matrices, and mix between the selected matrix and standard over an 8-step range. This enables compatibility with current editing and monitoring equipment that only accept interlace signals, while maintaining the quality of the p image. Link; the MRC1 does not transcode or downconvert. In this native recording mode the picture is both scanned and recorded as a progressive image.

Newcomers to the film world are making their way to California, and Sigma is You can set one or two focus marks on the scale, and the camera will show you the focus marks and the current focus position, much like you would with a follow-focus control.

Many producers were scared that the next step was to put the 50 W light back on the camcorder to get any image at all. It has been great. These will use any compact flash media fast enough for the 25Mbps data rate of HDV.