Norwegian Wood is a novel by Japanese author Haruki Murakami. The novel is a nostalgic story of loss and burgeoning sexuality. It is told from the. Norveška šuma (japanski: ノルウェイの森; hrvatski: Norveška šuma) je roman japanskog pisca . Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, Reviewed by Ted Gioia. Norwegian Wood has ratings and reviews. Ian said: Twenty RevolutionsThe birthday I feared most was my people older than me, t.

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Whereas sometimes I prefer to hang around and enjoy the experience of being down in the rabbit hole. To uopde nije fer. Imao je mnogo dobrih i lijepih osobina, ali nikad nije mogao zadobiti samopouzdanje koje mu je trebalo.

Toru’s moments with Midori and her father are sweet. Ne za druge ljude, samo za sebe. To je, naravno, znala i Nirveska. I once had a girl Or should I say She once had me She showed me her room Isn’t it good Norwegian wood She asked me to stay And she told murakamk to sit anywhere So I looked around And I noticed there wasn’t a chair I sat on a rug Biding my time Drinking her wine We talked until two And then she said “It’s time for bed” She told me she worked in the morning And started to laugh I told her I didn’t And crawled off to sleep in the bath And when I awoke I was alone This bird had flown So I lit a fire Isn’t it good Norwegian wood I want to interpret them and put them in the context of the novel and explain what they mean, but to do so would be to ruin it all for you.

Gotovo je za tren oka. To bi se vjerojatno moglo nazvati spojem. Mogao bih biti zen svedenik. You just sway along this journey, along with Murakami.


It also had that reflective quality I like. They caressed muraami intimate part of my soul, those idyllic summer afternoons in college spent listening to Rubber Soul with a battered book in hand. Uglavnom smo hodali – i hodali, i hodali.

People who still are heroes. And what an experience it was live these two lives through Toru. Bio je to jedan od prvih dojmova koji su me obuzeli kada sam stigao u Tokio. That they would fall in love and not into a deep, dark well. On many a cool winter morning, I’d woken up, looked at my sun-tinted window pane and played this song, urged by habit and George’s gentle crooning.

Privijena uz mene, dok norvezka je cijelo tijelo drhtalo, murakani je plakati bez glasa.

I’m lost at the comparisons between Holden and Toru. However for some, they stare too deep into the void and their desires all fade, they become lifeless bodies, mere containers with nothing inside, and everything else is just noise, even an outpour of intense romantic emotion.

What can I say? Bucmasti obrazi po kojima je bila prepoznatljiva sad su nestali, a vrat joj je postao tanan i vitak. View all 36 comments.

Norwegian Wood (novel) – Wikipedia

Stvarno, ne brini se. Ne trpi ni muhe. Ovo je posebno mjesto, ima poseban sustav, i neki ljudi ne se mogu uklopiti. And I found that while the story was straight, it was anything but simple. But when the age of legal adulthood was reduced to 18, turning 21 no longer had the same significance it once had.

Po svemu sudedi, htio je nastaviti razgovor, ali rekao sam mu da moram stidi na autobus i krenuo prema cesti. Molim te to jer smo prijatelji. When he hears an orchestral cover of the Beatles’ song ” Norwegian Wood “, he is suddenly overwhelmed by feelings of loss and nostalgia.


Isprva sam iznosio svoje komentare, ali nakon nekog vremena prestao sam se truditi. But how does someone love another who has barely any self to love? Naravno, to “DA” je puno preveliko. View all 11 comments. The girls in this book were all needy, dysfunctional, emotional or detached but sexy as all get out while the male was unsentimental, level headed and also sexy.

Norwegian Wood

Morali smo se sresti. No ipak, negdje u mom posve zamudenom mozgu, pala mi je na pamet misao da to moram prekinuti. Krajobraz mi nije bio ni na kraj pameti. How can I forget them?

Kad sam se opet probudio, kazaljke na mome satu pokazivale su Kakvim se poslom bavi moj otac? Ljudi su galamili i izdavali naredbe. It’s as simple as that. I believe this book was made into a movie.

Norveška šuma – Wikipedija

Onda sam i ja vidjela samo njegovu najbolju stranu. Nisam imala sve ove bore. Love is something where reason stops. Making you mmurakami and think. Life becomes complicated and the prospect of the future feels like a brutal betrayal of one who is desperately clinging to you. Murakami describes it all in pornographic detail.

Norveška šuma

Afterwards, Naoko leaves Watanabe a letter saying that she needs some time apart and is quitting college to go norbeska a sanatorium.

Prva je progovorila Midori. Kao da me netko otraga gura.