HAMZIYA OF IMAM BUSIRI. Translated and commented by Jafar COUPLET FORTY ONE “شق عن قلبه وأخرج منه مضغة عند غسله سوداء” TRANSLATION. “His heart. Busiri, the original composer of Kasidatul Burdah in Arabic and the Swahili . al- Burdah). al-Qasidah Hamziyyah is also referred to as Hamziya fi’l Madaih. Biography of Imam Al-Busiri Al-Būṣīrī ‘s full name is Muḥammad b. Saʿīd b. Ḥammād b. Muḥsin b. Abū Surūr b. Ḥibbān b. ʿAbdullah b.

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He recited this poem in front of Muhammad after embracing Islam.

No Period in between Generations of the prophets that passes by. Upon recovering from his sickness, he wrote a satirical poem to mock his enemies who had spread rumors of his death: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It is entirely in praise of Muhammad, who is said to have been praised ceaselessly by the afflicted poet, to the point that the Prophet appeared in a dream and wrapped him in a mantle or cloak; in the morning the poet discovers that God has cured him.

Biography of Imam Al-Busiri – Qaṣīda al-Burda

Sunni Muslims have traditionally venerated the poem. The Burda is divided into 10 chapters and verses all rhyming with each other.

Al-Busiri was born Muhammad busiti. This site uses cookies. Here again, He is telling ushow protected those secrets that Allah placed in the heart of our prophet sallaAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam was and that, no amount of anger or force by a staunch enemy or lover can displaced and bring to bare those divine secrets.

Up to the present time its verses are used as amulets ; it is employed in the lamentations for the dead; it has been frequently edited and made the basis for other poems, and new poems have been made by interpolating four or six lines after each line of the original.

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An accomplished poet, he would often recite his poetry and give lessons at mosques in Cairo. Then I slept and in my dream, I saw the Prophet. As a child one learned Christian priest saw Him and recognize that, this is the promised prophet, who prophet Isah and other prophet foretold busirl Him, but to be sure, He approached the beloved prophet and said, and said. He used to engages in worship, servitude, sitting aione and any other acts of goodness which a perfect Human being couid ever dream of.

Old Namara inscription Pre-Islamic Arabic uamziya. This was done in a form of reveiation from Aiiah to our prophet SaiiaAiiahu Aiaihi wa Saiiamwhiist Angei Jibriei Aiaihi Saiam was used as a tooi for such act but even Him, He has a iimit to what He knows about this secrets. The Burda was accepted within Sunni Islam and was the subject of numerous hamziyx by mainstream Sunni scholars [6] such as Ibn Hajar al-Haytami[7] Nazifi [7] and Qastallani [8] It was also studied busirj the Shafi’i hadith master Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani d.

Variance in Arabic Manuscripts: He is teiiing us how protected those secrets that Aiiah piaced in the heart of our prophet SaiiaAiiahu Aiaihi wa Saiiam was and busiir, no amount of anger or force by a staunch enemy or iover can dispiaced and bring to bare those divine secrets.

As for his domestic life, his poems paint a hellish impression of living with his constantly pregnant wife and gaggle of children. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Once, when he became very sick, a rumor quickly spread that he had died.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see ahmziya Islamic poetry Sufi literature Panegyrics Medieval Arabic poems. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. It is entirely in praise of the last and true prophet of Allah, Muhammadwho cured the poet of paralysis by appearing to him in a dream and wrapping him in a mantle.


Views Read Edit View history. Some of his colleagues at work were Jewish and Christian and he was known to engage in fiery debates with them. Views Read Edit View history.

Your Exalted qualities did appear to Existence Creation from an exalted Father and whose forefathers also possess hhamziya. Retrieved 29 January I repeatedly sang the poem, wept, prayed, and asked for intercession. They have sung the full poem in over 20 different styles. Real knowledge from the Unforeseen worlds is with You, it is with it that prophet Adam was thought the names of all things.

Goldziher in Revue de l’histoire des religionsvol. Even in the poet’s lifetime it was regarded as sacred. As a child, He never engages in any act of Jaahiliya which was by then prevalent in the Arabian peninsula You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Qasida Hamziyya by Busiri (partial)

Muhammad was so moved that he removed his mantle and wrapped it over him. The Trans-Saharan Book Trade: By busri to use this website, you agree to their use. From Busir, the free encyclopedia.

March Learn how and when to remove this template message. I had told no one about what had happened. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sections of this page. May Allah make us reach this stage in our spiritual struggle before leaving this world of pain The original Burdah is not as famous as the one composed by Imam al-Busiri even though Muhammad had physically wrapped his mantle over Ka’b not in a dream like in case of Imam al-Busiri.