Find great deals on eBay for Gorkamorka in Warhammer Orks Games. Shop with confidence. Angelis was being surveyed by the Imperial vessel Eternal Vigilance in – M35 when an Ork Space Hulk crashed into it, creating a massive canyon. Gorkamorka is a vehicle-using campaign game produced by Games Workshop, set on the desert world of Angelis, prominently featuring Orks. The player takes.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I don’t think much of the ork figures that came with the game, but you get 20 of them, and really don’t need to buy anything else for the game.

You can’t get these goekamorka anymore but custom-cut plasticard bases work just as well. Resin models in new condition. I like Gorkamorka as a diversion.

A religious schism occurred and factions formed based around whether believers felt the idol was of the Ork god Gork or Mork. I steer borkamorka of those panzy bikes. Players earn money ” Teef ” based on how well they perform and the relative strength of their opponents.

One such story tells of when Sigmar and Gorkamorka had an eating contest, grabbing up great fistfuls of the realms and stufing them into their mouths. Muties – When gorakmorka Orks crashed on Angelis, there was a human ship, implied to be an Adeptus Mechanicus exploration and research vessel, already landed on the planet on a mission. This is the first recorded occurrence of Rebel Grots.

Gorkamorka Catalogue Pages

Log in and join the community. Includes bodies, heads, arms, shoulder pads, jaw pieces and bases. Though only Orks, Diggas, Rebel Grots and Muties can be played, each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Several community created mob types have been added to the game:. Diggas – When the Orks crashed on Angelis there was a human ship, implied to be an Adeptus Mechanicus exploration and research vessel in orbit having already landed a mission on the planet.


It isn’t a serious game because orks are very unreliable and especially dim-witted thick-headed fools. It’s a game you can’t take too serious. Blair Jordan blowflex bigpond. There have also gorkajorka many scenarios and extra rules created, most of which have been published on The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site. The expansion set, Digganobhas not been released online. Many of my models are sold used. But, like all orks, mekboyz have an independent streak, and more importantly, work on Gorkamorka is done pro bono, and so there’s a thriving “side-line” of mekaniks working on their own projects.

The closest thing to winning a campaign would be reaching the “retirement” level before other players. Doing gorkaamorka is essential to get “tags”, which will assure the bearer of a place on Gorkamorka when it’s finally finished. Basically, this game is Mad Maxx with orks. The resulting violence destroyed the entire machine, forcing the Meks to broker an unsteady peace between the warring sides.


Outlaw Motorcycle Club – Another outlaw Ork gang. Welcome to Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum! It is set gorjamorka the desert world of Angelis in the Warhammer 40, setting, and prominently features Orks.

The second title in the Warhammer 40, Skirmish series following Necromundathis game is essentially a campaign within the Warhammer 40K universe. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

At the time of the crash there were surveyors underground within the pyramids, an Imperial outpost, and an Imperial cruiser in orbit. The resulting violence destroyed the entire machine, forcing the Meks to broker an unsteady peace between the warring sides. Gorkamorka requires fewer figures per player than 40K. No ork really likes the Painboyz, as they combine an already irritating tendency to get gorkamlrka and bodge up the work with a tendency to charge what orks gorkxmorka is far too many teef for the actual quality of the work they do.


A French version of Gorkamorka rare and out of print. What makes an ork take up the lonely, hermit-like life of the scrap prospector varies a lot.

Gorechosen – Warhammer Underworlds. Retrieved from ” http: I have found the most successful way to win is to think like an orc: Aside from his super-lethal Bone Saw making him dead choppy in a fight, Dreggutz has the added bonus that the mob can use him to try and patch up their injured orks for free.

Two Citadel waterslide transfer sheets are also included as shown. With multiple vehicles, it does get more complicated. As I said before, those orcs can be very frustrating to kill. If Orks have a weakness at all, it can be said to be their dependence on “oddboyz” to run their mob at full strength; Spannaz keep the vehicles working, Slaverz keep the Grots who give orks a small but vital boost in income generation in line, so if either of these go down, your mob suffers a serious blow.

The game’s scale is similar to the other GW games – a little above 28mm.

During the Age of Mythhe crashed across creation leaving mighty fist-prints in the land as he waged war on everything in his path, while hordes of orruks followed him on his rampage of destruction.

A friend of mine played the game at a game-convention two years ago.