Although, that some of their learning resources center is under renovation, you can still say that it was arranged properly. The school library. Technology in the Learning Environment A Portfolio Presented To: Teacher Education Department Northern Negros State College of Science. Republic of the Philippines St. Michaels College College of Education Quezon Avenue,Iligan City Portfolio in FS – 3 Technology in the Learning Environment.

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Recall your past experiences in making board displays.

Through the use of visual aids, the teacher delivers her lesson effectively. When we finish our bulletin, we consulted our classmates in the other room about it and they said that it was good and without further ado, we pass it.

To my Mom, Nora Diambrang,I love you for being there all the time, for not giving up on me and for the material and moral support.

Portfolio in FS – 3

I can humiliate, humour, hurt or heal, At the end of this activity, I will be decisive in terms of using on-line resource materials environmfnt interactive programs. The teacher let her students read every detail in the visual aids, actually what was written on the visual aid were questions for the students to be answered.

Posters The printed materials Familiarization of new are posted near the concept or information to b. Many unique space photographs. It must have also one design or theme for whole slides to avoid confusion or any misconception.


We seek to shed light, live in His grace and radiate His love that we may produce loving and intelligent children, all helping to become better persons building a better world.

As well, the teacher must be a good communicator. It simply means that one student is different from another student in terms of their likes or interest. Some contents are missing and are disarranged. Word processed, edited and obviously proofread.

FS3 Technology in the Learning Environment episode 1

Developed and utilize instructional materials appropriate to a chosen lesson in microteaching. The chosen environkent must be appropriate and can contribute to the achievement of learning objectives. Bulletin Board……………………………………………… 33 4.

Examine how the materials are arranged and how they are classified. The teacher must know how to sequence the content in order to avoid confusions. You may choose to take photos of the canter if allowed. They Can do this activity during class or during break or recess time. As a future teacher, I will only facilitate my learners and they are the one who will give the meaning of a concept.

Can serve as a link for teacher to other science activities. Carolina Coastal Science http: Naveed shaikh February 6, at 3: The school has resources that are very important to the teaching — learning process.

Best features of my proposed bulletin enhancement: Reflect on your FS experience. Messages were clear enough as I read it and it can be easily techjology because there were no misspelled words or any inconsistencies in grammar.


Making a presentation using power point program is just an easy task for me. I believe that just as a lamp diffuses light, dispelling the surrounding darkness, so I too, as a teacher, have to diffuse understanding, knowledge and love to my students dispelling the darkness of ignorance and doubt.

It is also impor- tant that the teacher should use other materials aside from writing it down on the chalkboard all the time. The teacher may also do surveys to the available materials or can search through the internet. Student portfolio submitted a week or more after the deadline of submission.

I will guide them and I will demonstrate first and give some information about the leaf and its parts after that, they will give their own meaning or understanding about the leaf and its parts.

Communication — Teachers know that words combined with visual content can often commu- nicate more than words alone.

FS3 Technology in the Learning Environment episode 1

So first I did was to make an outline of the content of my handout then I read several references and searching through the internet just to form my concept map.

The teacher knows how to efficiently utilize the materials. There are times that music and sound effects are highly needed especially in presenting a video presentation. I would start my class with a prayer.