Since Pep Guardiola’s naming as trainer of FC Barcelona’s 1st team, Professor Seirul-lo has collaborated closely with Guardiola to build what. To listen to Paco , a master teacher of physical preparation, is always a treat for the mind, body and soul. Nobody can dissect football. @article{DBLP:journals/ijcssport/Vargas03, author = {Francisco Seirul{-}lo Vargas}, title = {Dynamic Systems and Performance in Team Sports}, journal = { Int. J.

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Stage in which the sportsman, owner of his technique, is able to create new ability forms, identifying them as something personal and, simultaneously, such new skills are as an additional stimulus to stay many years practicing sport.

Las flechas del tiempo. If these conditions of training are maintained, this perfection can be extended indefinitely; if also competitive conditions bring to the sportsman enough new stimulus that avoid periods of stagnation.

If we say we will train a centre-forward, who are we talking about? Similarly, an appropriate tactical decision that affects both internal and external factors can be relevant in many cases.

Francisco Seirul-Lo

seitul In the last five years we have experienced a phenomenon if playing football in other conditions. In order to create an appropriate training process for team sports, it is relevant to define a differential paradigm of sport performance.

By the technical analysis section 2 we have the knowledge of all factors that can be taught in order to improve the technical skill of a particular athlete. The dynamic study of a technique allows to know the muscular work conditions forces, momentums, An athlete can perform scoring many goals and having a poor model of the throwing technique.

This will allow, in addition to the observation of the biological development, to determine, with less errors, a future sport specialty which is initiated in a specific manner immediately. When asked if he could play as a central midfielder, Seirul. For instance, Mandoni proposes the following learning that must be reached in beginner basketball players: These cognitive processes have now their main role during competition, place to test each technique achieved during training practices.


For sports practiced with an opponent, Gulinelli understands technique as the possibility to solve variable competitive situations.

Francisco Seirul-Lo – Semantic Scholar

Also, what we traditionally call capacities are just forms of isolated evaluation of part of the processes that occur franciso some systems which makes up a determined structure. Sport in the 21st Century Consequences: But, how this ideal technical model is established? Cognitivism and structuralism – supported by organizational biology, neural-sciences, systems theory, information theory, and ecological theories – achieve the auto-modeling or auto-structuring of the athlete. Therefore, such francksco must be taught preferentially in order to develop technical skills adequated to the competitive needs.

His life-long love and dedication to sports began at the age of 6 when he first started playing basketball, soccer, and track and field.

Every day of the training week, there are differential priorities that must be adjusted to the needs of the athlete. F The stage of high stability of performance. He is the only professional coach ever to have won a European Cup in two different sports handball and soccer.

Here we will build the base of the training system. Analysis of the Technical Ability 3. He is playing in the zone of building the play, it’s an incredible quality which we have achieved from a methodological conception diametrically distinct from what he is supposed to have as a striker.

This is based on different inter-connection guidelines so as to obtain the highest levels of structural optimization. Our proposal for team sports and sports of similar characteristics is: Fundamentals to Practice Behaviorist and mechanistic theories have developed certain practices to achieve these goals.


He continues to hold both roles to this date, and in this capacity he has worked with such legendary ko coaches as: As a coach of athletics, has achieved 18 National Championships in different categories in the specialties of long and triple jump and discus and hammer throw.

Stages of the Technical Learnig. During the more than 30 years since, Professor Seirul-lo has repeatedly turned this pioneering theory of athletic training into practice, applying his theory of dynamic systems training to great effect in his direct training of high level athletes in a multitude of disciplines, but most of all in team sports.

The variability of these situations tests cognitive and specific conditional capacities which must be continuously trained esirul reach that perfection of the technical ability. It follows francisck these definitions that the sportsman, in order to obtain performance in his particular sport, must have learned a group of movements, following ideal models, result of different research, which will facilitate to execute precise actions to improve his motor skills.

By doing that, different technical factors will be emphasized for each learning stage. Thus, an individual with a better sekrul capacity, will have the possibility to have a major number of technical abilities to apply to sport executions Hortz, There exist well known seitul to improve strength, speed or endurance, as well as flexibility and relaxation.

Firstly, the simulated situation must always make use of the Cognitive Structure.