The first edition of Drakar och Demoner came in in a blue box Drakar och Demoner GIGANT introduced high level campaigning like. It has no mayor changes, and is a simple expansion to Expert Drakar och Demoner. The “campaign rules” includes several articles. They describe in different. februari 6, in Drakar och demoner | 8 kommentarer . en hel del suggestiva scener, och som utmynnar i ett fältslag med Gigant-regler för maniplar och allt.

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Drakar och Demoner

These are simple guidelines and suggestions for the game master to use in his campaign as he sees fit. Like many other early role-playing games, Drakar och Demoner started out without a fully developed campaign setting.

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Skill Based buy or gain skills. In the late s, Target Games found itself in financial difficulties and discontinued their line of role-playing games.

Drakar och Demoner Gigant | Rules | Forum | BoardGameGeek

Riotminds published a new version of the game in You can edit this page to create it. No Web Links Found.

InTarget Games released a fifth edition. Please select a support frequency. Add tags Tags separate by space: Not to be confused with Dungeons and Dragons. Riotminds created a brand new campaign setting called Trudvang which utilized cultures, creatures and monsters based on Scandinavian folklore instead of the standard fantasy creatures. Topics such as politics, religion, intelligent beings and subterranean topography is also discussed in this book.


Search the history of over draksr web pages on the Internet. Drakar och Demoner Expert. It didn’t take long before an official addendum appeared on their website, with optional rules on how to play without this feature. The fourth edition in was a major revision of the rules, superseding Drakar och Demoner Expert by incorporating it into the basic rules and then expanding them.

Changes to the rules were minor, mostly reflecting the new campaign setting. In a Drakar och Demoner video game was released by the name of Drakar och Demoner: Fantasy role-playing games Basic Role-Playing System Swedish role-playing games Role-playing games introduced in In Riotminds announced an upcoming re-release of the popular edition of the game featuring new art and minor fixes but otherwise identical. This among other things introduced hit locations and the use of a sided die instead of the percentile die for skill rolls.

At this time, a table top miniatures game line was also started, see Chronopia below. The second Edition was published inrewriting the text from scratch, fixing many translation errors and glitches in the rules although no other major changes were made.

Drakar och Demoner Gigant Average Rating: One of the available player races, the anthropomorphic ducks, was incorporated from Glorantha. The idea of “Expert” rules was re-used, and many rules expansions followed.


Dark Fantasy Battles was a table top miniature game published by Target Games. More Information Edit History. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Drakar och Demoner Expert.

Swedish Roleplaying-games

This sixth edition was a complete overhaul of the game rules, supporting a much less generic game world. The transition to a new system of rules began innot with the third edition which mostly corrected spelling errors, but with the publication of an “Expert” rule expansion: Drakar och Demoner Gigant.

They describe in different environments and situations that may occur during a campaign. After an outcry among fans of Ereb ensued, Target Games decided that Ereb and Chronopia both existed on Altor but on different hemispheres. Archived from the original on April 5, Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. With the fifth version Target Games decided to introduce a new, darker, campaign setting named Chronopiathereby ceasing publication of new material for Ereb.

This sixth edition was a complete overhaul of the game rules, supporting a much less generic game world.