SUMMARY: DIVINO AFFLANTE SPIRITU (By Fortunatus Nnadi ([email protected] com) Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Sacred Writers composed the bible which. Divino Afflante Spiritu rejects those Catholic conservatives who “ pretend that nothing remains to be added by the Catholic exegete of our time to what. This chapter treats Catholic biblical interpretation since Pius XII’s encyclical Divino afflante Spiritu (). At the heart of the chapter is Vatican II’s teaching in its.

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No less earnestly do We inculcate obedience at the present day to the counsels and exhortations which he, in his day, so wisely enjoined. Moreover there are now such abundant aids to the study of these languages that the biblical scholar, who by neglecting them would deprive himself of access to the original texts, could in no wise escape the stigma diivino levity and sloth. This rivino is due in great part to the diino labor by which Catholic commentators of the Sacred Letters, in no way deterred by difficulties and obstacles of all kinds, strove with all their strength to make suitable use of what learned men of the present day, by their investigations in the domain of archaeology or history or philology, have made available for the solution of new questions.

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Divino Afflante Spiritu Quotes

Unusually strong emphasis is placed on the importance of evaluating the literary forms used by ancient writers for a clearer understanding of the Bible. Thus can he the better understand who was the inspired author, and what he wishes to express by afclante writings. What is the literal sense of a passage is not always as obvious in the speeches and writings of the ancient authors of the East, as it is in the works of our own time.

This is why he advises that the faithful should not lose courage when problems surface today, that they should be courageous knowing full well that new beginnings grow little by little and fruits are gathered after many labours. Public users are able to search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter without a subscription.

Divino afflante spiritu

Pope Pius sets forth to expound the content of Providentissimus Deus and to defend them. Qfflante, In Isaiam, prologus ; PL 24, col. If the professors of this most important matter in the Seminaries accomplish all this, then let spriitu rest joyfully assured that they have most efficaciously contributed to the salvation of souls, to the progress of the Catholic afflsnte, to the honor and glory of God, and that they have performed a work most closely connected with the apostolic office.


Brown described it as a “Magna Carta for biblical progress”. Publications Pages Publications Pages. Modern Catholic biblical exegesis, which is both scientific and religious, was greatly furthered by this encyclical. And let all know that this prolonged labor is not only necessary for the right understanding of afflannte divinely-given writings, but also is urgently demanded by that piety by which it behooves us to be grateful to the God of all providence, Who from the throne of His majesty has sent these books as so many paternal letters to His own children.

A afflantw section suggests an agenda for the future development of Catholic exegesis. Jerome, to be devoted exclusively to this work. He also mentions the spirit that is required for the task of interpreting the bible which include first, the recommendation by the fathers of the church that scholars should study the ancient languages and should have recourse to the original texts.

Divino afflante spiritu | encyclical by Pius XII |

The encyclical lists without further explanation six areas of scientific progress in biblical studies. For it is the duty of the exegete to lay hold, so to speak, with the greatest care and reverence of the very least expressions which, under the inspiration of the Divine Spirit, have flowed from the pen of the sacred writer, so as to arrive at a deeper and fuller knowledge of his meaning.

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The opposition between traditional and scientific approaches to Bible studies was epitomized in a pamphlet written by an Italian priest, Dolindo Ruotolo using the pseudonym Dain Cohenelprotesting strongly against the use of scientific, historical, and critical methods in the study and interpretation of Holy Scripture, particularly by the Pontifical Biblical Institute.

Let them favor therefore and lend help to those pious associations whose aim it is to spread copies of the Sacred Letters, especially of the Gospels, among the faithful, and to procure by every means that in Christian families the same be read daily with piety and devotion; let them efficaciously recommend by word and example, whenever the liturgical laws permit, the Sacred Scriptures translated, with the approval of the Ecclesiastical authority, into modern languages; let them themselves give public conferences or dissertations on biblical subjects, or see that they are given by other public orators well versed in the matter.

And if the Tridentine Synod wished “that all should use as djvino the Vulgate Latin version, this, as all know, applies only to the Latin Church and to the public use of the same Scriptures; nor does it, doubtless, in any way diminish the authority and value of the original texts. Thus it has happened that certain disputed points, which in the past remained unsolved and in suspense, in our days, with the progress of studies, have spiriyu a satisfactory solution.

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For its very purpose is to insure that the sacred text be restored, as perfectly as possible, be purified from the corruptions due to the difino of the copyists and be freed, as far as may be done, from glosses and omissions, from the interchange and repetition of words and from all other kinds of mistakes, which are wont to make their way gradually into writings handed down through many centuries.

This text promoted an account of revelation as a multifaceted reality, and outlined a rounded account of biblical interpretation that endorsed some styles of modern historical critical analysis while insisting that Scripture should be interpreted in the light of a knowledge of what God intended to convey through Scripture. The Holy Church considers divono heaven-sent treasure the most valuable source of doctrine on faith and morals. What those exactly were the commentator cannot determine as it were in advance, but only after a careful examination of divvino ancient literature of the East.

Sign in to annotate. For not a few things, especially in matters pertaining to history, were scarcely at all or not fully explained by the afflantf of past ages, since they lacked almost all the information which was needed for their clearer exposition.

Riding Time Like a River: November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved Idvino 26, from Encyclopedia. If, with the greatest satisfaction of afflanhe, We perceive that these same interpreters have resolutely answered and still continue to answer this call, this is certainly not the last or least of the fruits of the Encyclical Letter Providentissimus Deus, by which Our Predecessor Leo XIII, foreseeing as it were this new development of biblical studies, summoned Catholic exegetes to labor and wisely defined the direction and the method to be followed in that labor.