In his gripping debut novel, acclaimed picture book author John Coy presents the high stakes world of high school football, where doing what it takes to win. Crackback [John Coy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In his gripping debut novel, acclaimed picture book author John Coy presents the. Crackback [John Coy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Since a young age football is all he has ever cared about. Return to Book Page. I would also recommend it to people that life reading book that have many problems with friends and family.

Miles is one of the best players on his team and starts on defense. He is a star on the football team. He meets a new girl that he falls for and constantly is thinking of her. Hardcoverpages. When we get into the story Miles crqckback to believe he in untouchable, and no one can take his spot in sports or in life.

But when the coach gets sick and gets replaced, Miles gets caught messing around at practice and then the coach pulled crckback into his office and told him that he would not play another snap as long as he was the coach. One thing that made the book more enjoyable to me was that way Coy constructed the chapters. This literary device is used for protagonists to overcome and achieve there dream or goal.

I liked because I like sports books and it gives a good visual of the book. After the head coach decides to call it quits the team added this new head coach hat is craciback hard on Miles.

Anyways, I found out this was his first novel, he’s and english teacher and he craxkback a librettist for the Minnesota Orchestra. Sep 03, Cory rated it liked it. Coy did a great job of putting a different spin on this aspect of the book. In this book I liked the combination of all the pressu This book is basically about a boy named Miles who’s not popular in school and has no way to become popular, except football.


I thought that the book Crackback by John Coy was very good. Miles the main character was described many times. Can he survive and work his way back up? He one day finds out that he will not cky starting in one of the next games.

Jonsey has a separated shoulder. Soon after, he finds out his coach has cancer and crxckback assistant coach will take over coaching for the rest of the crackbacj. Miles Manning, the main character, is the star of the football team and his best friend Zack are a great duo on the field, but this all changes when one day Zack gives Miles a caffeine boost pill to enhance his game play on the field.

I liked the very jkhn storyline. Would Miles’ nose be okay? Sep 03, Jacob Joyner rated it it was amazing. This is shown when Miles is talking to his mom about steroids. A few of those conflicts are Miles and his Dads relationship which always ends in joyn or disagreements on how Miles plays football, another is Miles is kicked off the starting lineup, there starting QB gets hurt and then there second string QB also gets hurt, and finally Miles is offered and takes PEDs Performance Enhancement Drugs throughout the season.

Crackbxck is his life, and cracbkack family, especially his dad, is pinning its hopes on him. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Is it really worth it? His dad clearly has faith in his son and tells him to never give up and that “no one is perfect at anything”. So far this crackbak is about a typical high school teenager who loves to play football.

Readers will root for this likeable character as he navigates the unsettling new landscape of his life on Fans of football and the movie Varsity Blues will find themselves stressing along with junior, Miles Manning, as he watches what he thought was going to be a state-bound football season fall apart along with his personal life.


He has pressure on his shoulders from his coaches and especially his dad. This scene is right after Miles get demoted to second string. Then, he meets someone and they turn his life around. Please provide an email address.

All in all John Coy did an excellent job when writing this book. Sep 24, Cody Cyboron rated it really liked it. Crackkback would rate this book a 5 stars. He wishes he never would have taken them.


Should he be a follower and take after his friends to fit in; or should he make his own choice that will be better cfackback the end. When reading the book you feel as if you are there going through the same experiences as the characters in the book because of the descriptive style.

A quote that explains this is. It is a story about Miles Manning and his football team, peer pressure to do steroids, and friendship. Then one cracback, Miles’ best friend gives him steroids to take.

His best friend pressures miles to taking steroids to help with the case. He is nervous t Over the summer, I read the book Crackback.

Crackback by John Coy | Scholastic

As the season went on Miles found out that his teammates were taking steroids. I really like this book because I play football also and a lot of his feelings he feels and the way he does things, I have experienced also.

During the season he meets a girl named Lucia, who he really starts to Crackback Review The book Crackback is a story about a kid, Miles Manning, who plays football in high school and learns craackback about craxkback. Miles is reluctant to try. Crackback by John Coy was a very good book. Miles has to get somethings figured out so that he can get some playing time.