This dissertation addresses questions concerning the relationship between Bonaventure’s Collationes in Hexaemeron and the Franciscan Joachite movement. In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Franciscan Studies 63 () ST. BONAVENTURE’S COLLATIONES IN HEXAËMERON. The Structural Similarity Between the Itinerarium Mentis in Deum and the Collationes in Hexaemeron with Regard to Bonaventure’s Doctrine of God as First.

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Pater enim ab aeterno genuit Filium similem sibi et dixit se et similitudinem suam similem sibi et cum hoc totum posse suum; dixit quae posset facere, et maxime quae voluit facere, et omnia in eo expressit, scilicet in Filio seu in isto medio tanquam in sua arte. In deploying such a contrast, Bonaventure is, in a sense, creating his audience.

As a philosophical genre, protreptic is an exhortation to the philosophical way of life, a life that requires the practice of the virtues of inquiry and con- templation.

This page was last edited on 10 Augustat The six days of creation according to the vision of God on six visions facing. Skip heaxemeron main content. Bonaventure in Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy categorize this paper.

St. Bonaventure’s “Collationes in Hexaemeron” and the Joachite controversy

As the fourfold pattern of the presentation is repeated and repeated, it rolls over its audience like waves on the shore. Certain common elements unite an admittedly wide variety of modes of discourse under the heading of protreptic. Enter the email address iin signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Delorme, Collationes in hexaemeron et Bonaventuriana quaedam selecta ad fidem codd.

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Dietrich Coelde Verlag, The balance has begun to be redressed in recent years, but I sub- mit that we have not yet been able to read this text well because we have paid insufficient attention to its literary form.

Sign in to use this feature. Bonaventurae opera omnia; Quaracchi,V: Rather, Bonaventure stretches the sermonic structure across sev- eral individual collations, making, all told, five extended sermons.

Bonaventure with an interest in theology and ecclesiology. You can either see the general economy of his doctrine in its totality, or see none of it.

Collationes in Hexaemeron – Wikipedia

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In essence, it is a theological introduction to Christianity, the Order and the Church. Bonaventure on the Impossibility of a Beginningless World.

However, others such as Henri de Lubac and Herbert Grundmann have argued that the Collationes represent a rejection of anything which can be identified as Joachite dollationes. Many scholars such as Bernard McGinn and Marjorie Reeves have accepted Ratzinger’s claim that Bonaventure was incorporating elements of Joachite theology into the Collationes.

Clolationes are several reasons for making this claim. University of Notre Dame Press, At the same time, he defends this community from the attacks of outsiders. John Perry – – In Debra J. The copy of its own transcript was corrected, however, counter-checked by other listeners and Bonaventure both itself and by others has been written off.

The restorative logic of Christ, however, looks something like this: Information on the circumstances of the presentation and the creation of his text, the author provides the shorter Reportatio A in an addition of the text of the only surviving manuscript of this Reportatio, which is kept today in Siena Biblioteca Comunale di Siena, cod. The text comes to us in the form of two reportationes, one of which may or may not have been checked over by Bonaventure for accuracy.


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Bonaventure and the Problem of Doctrinal Development. Rhetoric is generally the collwtiones of persuasive discourse, but Aristotle and other classical figures were careful to distinguish rhetoric and protreptic as very particular types of persuasive discourse. Whence it is called the forbidden tree. Christopher Colt AndersonMarquette University. This cannot be read as a scholastic theological argument by any stretch, and the leaps and collationea of thought can be frustrating to those who seek a tight argument.

After this shorter exposition of the protheme, the preacher would return to his cho- sen text and collattiones to exposit it through the formal steps of division, iden- tifying the points to be discussed; confirmation, relating the discussion tum sexaginta. This article is an orphanas no other articles link to it. The Collations are closer to the shape of a sermon; and the first three collations more akin to a protheme than a typical accessus, which would speak of structure, intention, etc.