CIA, KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual KUBARK–a CIA codename for itself–describes the qualifications of a successful. PDF | A careful reading of the KUBARK manual is essential for anyone involved in Anticipating modern-day interrogation guides such as CIA’s “KUBARK. Major documents in the history of American intelligence interrogation are included in this unique ebook compilation, including two famous manuals, the CIA.

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If it is then established or strongly suspected that the agent belongs to one of the following categories, further investigation and, eventually, interrogation usually follow. The success of good interrogators depends in large measure upon their use, conscious or not, of these principles manjal of processes and techniques deriving from them.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Yet they have conducted scientific inquiries into many subjects that are closely related to interrogation: As interrogation sources, optimistic characters respond best to a kindly, parental approach.

The search of the pertinent scientific literature disclosed no reports of studies based on common denominator traits of successful cka or any other manaul inquiries that would invest these lists with any objective validity. It consists of no more than obtaining needed information through responses to questions. It used kubwrk currents to inflict pain [source: The experience of the post-war years has demonstrated that Soviet defectors 1 almost never defect solely or primarily because of inducement by a Western service, 2 usually leave the USSR for personal rather than ideological reasons, and 3 are often RIS agents.

There is nothing mysterious about interrogation. To attain rapport, the interrogator should be friendly.

The CIA wrote a torture manual more than 50 years ago, and then gave it to Latin American dictators

Nor will we tolerate attempts to deliberately disrupt discussions. The s appear to have been a time when the CIA put a tremendous amount of energy into perfecting the science of torture.


Some security services, especially those of the Sino-Soviet Bloc, may work at leisure, depending upon time as well as their own methods to melt recalcitrance. The report suggests forcing the detainee to stand at attention for long periods of time. Such an agent may feel confident enough not to be gravely concerned about himself.

See Inside The Declassified C.I.A. Torture Manual From The Cold War

The Human Resource Exploitation Manual — was first publicized as the result of an investigative report into the human rights abuses in Honduras. Every interrogator knows that a real understanding of the individual is worth far more than a kubar, knowledge of this or that pigeon-hole to which he has been consigned.

Defectors, escapees, and refugees are normally interrogated at sufficient length to permit at least a preliminary testing of bona fides. His convictions that “something will turn up”, that “everything will work out all right”, is based on his need to avoid his own responsibility for events and depend upon a kindly fate.

CIA, KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual

Usually the orderly-obstinate character has a dia of active rebellion in childhood, of persistently doing the exact opposite of what he is told to do. In the name of defending democracy, the manuals advocate profoundly undemocratic methods. They tend to seek promises, to cast the interrogator in the role of protector and problem-solver; and it is important that the interrogator avoid making any specific promises that cannot be fulfilled, because the optimist turned vengeful is likely to prove troublesome.

The manuals in question have been referred to by various media sources as the “torture manuals”. These manuals kbark prepared by the U. The same manual states the importance of knowing local laws regarding detention but then notes, “Illegal detention always requires prior HQS [headquarters] approval.


For this reason definitions have been omitted for such terms as burn notice, defector, escapee, and refugee. The Boston Globe ]. There is indeed a torture manual and the CIA literally wrote it. The Latin America Working Group criticized this: A newer book, largely a revision of the KUBARK manual, draws the same foundational conclusion — that psychological torment is paramount to physical abuse. Interrogation of them is usually inconclusive and, if prolonged, unrewarding. At best it can help readers to avoid the characteristic mistakes of poor interrogators.

U.S. Army and CIA interrogation manuals – Wikipedia

The assessment of individuals is based upon the compilation and use of psychological as well as biographic detail. For example, “While we do not stress the use of coercive techniques, we do want to make you aware of them and the proper way to use them”, has been altered to, “While we deplore the use of coercive techniques, we do want to make msnual aware of them so that you may avoid them. Moral considerations aside, the imposition ica external techniques of manipulating people carries with it the grave risk of later lawsuits, adverse publicity, or other attempts to strike back.

Retrieved November 7, Some of the material was similar to the older CIA manuals described below. Basically, all schemes for manuxl people are wrong per se; applied arbitrarily, they always produce distortions.

And for interrogation purposes the ways in which he differs from the abstract type may be more significant than the ways in which he conforms.