Analysis and discussion of characters in Chrétien de Troyes’ Erec and Enide. Erec and Enide has ratings and 46 reviews. BAM said: De Troyes is little known unless one is a French medieval student. He write these four lyrical p. Originally written in Old French, sometime in the second half of the 12th Century A.D., by the court poet Chretien DeTroyes. Translation by W.W.

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Dat kan toch niet de bedoeling zijn. Virtually nothing is known of his life. The Arthurian tales inside my imagination might be better than the classics. Eric proves he is an amazing knight and marries the beautiful Enide. Cline’s translation also tickles our intellect because through it we can read enlde ecclesiastical elements and classical motifs.

He write these cgretien lyrical poems in the late twelfth century for the Countess Marie, daughter of Louis VII and that fabulous hoyden, Eleanor of Aquitaine.

The lead section of this article may need to be rewritten. Erec and Enide – Chretien de Troyes – 2 Stars.

I’m sure that means something, and if I had brainpower right now, I’d figure out what. View all 5 comments.

Erec refuses to accept gifts chretidn new clothes for Enide, and takes her to Arthur’s court in her ragged chemise. Oct 01, Rose rated it really liked it. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Her cousin is even more expedient, she has her lord bound by a promise not to roam until he is defeated on own his turf, which toryes a pretty long time – rather than let him roam and get himself killed. Erec toyes een dappere ridder die al vroeg in het verhaal trouwt met de beeldschone Enide, maar zich dan alleen nog maar bezighoudt met de liefde en zijn ridderplichten verzaakt.


Trivia About Erec and Enide. C’est l’histoire d’Erec, un des plus braves chevaliers du roi Arthur: Perfect for writing a paper. Godefroi de Leigni Lancelot.

Erec and Enide – Wikisource, the free online library

He overhears Enide crying over this and orders her to prepare for a journey to parts unknown. I also noticed the “hero’s journey.

Erec and Enide marry before even a quarter of the story is trohes, and their marriage and its consequences are actually the catalysts for the adventures that comprise the rest of the poem.

An independent scholar, she has taught literature and writing since At the Queen’s orders, Erec follows the knight, Yderto a far off town where he meets and falls in love with Enide.

Erec and Enide

Maybe I got all my fill of these type of knights stories when I read all the stories that made up The Once and Future King ennide, but these stories have no substance. Erec’s testing of Enide is not condemned in the fictive context of the story, especially when his behaviour is contrasted with some of the more despicable characters, such as Oringle of Limors. Even as stories rnide those in A Game of Thrones satirise the knightly outlook, Erec and Enide represents transparent ideals of love, married life, the behaviours and duties of husband and wife and growing up.


Comfort prose translation from the early twentieth century: They are rich in ” chivalric customs and ideals and have little in common with their Celtic prototypes. A final episode has him dueling a knight bound by his sweetheart’s promise never to leave a garden unless bested in combat. Erec and Enide marks the birth of the Arthurian romance as a literary genre. The Celtic legend, Griselda, which I have not read and is mentioned in the introduction, forms the skeleton of Erec and Enide’s story.

Refresh and try again. The introduction here is fascinating, especially the information about how British and Celtic tales were ‘trending’ in the French courts of the period, leading to a spate of literature on these characters. He tells her not to speak to him as they travel, meaning that if enemies come to attack Erec, he expects Enide not to warn him.

Maybe he thinks she wants to get rid of him, maybe that she’s bored, maybe that she shares the opinion of the court – it couldn’t be that the sheltered lady is thin-skinned and had her feelings hurt.