Canto Ostinato for two pianos. Composer: Simeon ten Holt Performers: Piano Duo Sandra en Jeroen van Veen on two grand pianos. Simeon ten Holt: ‘The best. Canto Ostinato (). The first performance of Canto Ostinato took place on April 25th in the Ruïnekerk in Bergen (The Netherlands) and was. Simeon Ten Holt: Canto Ostinato. By Simeon ten Holt, Irene Russo, Fred Oldenburg, Sandra van Veen, Jeroen van Veen. • 28 songs. Play on Spotify . 1.

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Although most bars or sections feature repeat signs and although the performer s decide s on the number of repeats, one cannot speak of repetition-as-such. Section 91 C Next to the number of repeats, the performer determines the articulations, phrasing, dynamics, and ostianto certain spots, the order in the piece.

Other combinations are possible using keyboard instruments.

Simeon Ten Holt: Canto Ostinato by Simeon ten Holt on Spotify

Cd Canto Ostinato marimbas Composer: Section 91 E Ten Holt died 25th of Novemberat the age of The piece is not in a hurry and has in common with so called minimal music that one cannot speak of fixed duration. Simeon ten Holt Performers: Although all parts of Canto have their fixed position in its progress and are not interchangeable without violating the melodic line, the internal logic and form, beginning and end do not have absolute meaning as boundaries of form.

Surprising choices and groundbreaking projects define Wentink as a first class innovator and have brought her to classical stages such as Carnegie Hall, Wigmore Hall and The Concertgebouw Amsterdam. Simeon ten Holt Share.


Peter Elbertse, marimba Duration: In doing so, he created a unique Dutch minimalist style, using simple triads, shifting rhythmic patterns and repetition. Canto Ostinato, Part II 1.

In this segment, each section is repeated four times, then all nine sections are repeated again ad libitum four times each. Multitrack For this recording Peter Elbertse played all the layers one by one using the Multitrack recording.

CD Canto 4 pianos, BC 9261

A performance of Canto is more like a ritual than a concert. Canto Ostinato for two pianos Composer: Marimba Origin of Marimba is not known, but it seems it started off as wooden bars laid over a hole on the ground which was struck with sticks. Canto stems from a traditional source, is tonal and makes use of functional harmony; it is built according to the laws of cause and effect tension-release.

Section 91 A The composer created a hundred and six small cells called ‘sections’ of a few barswhich can be played ad libitum and be repeated either one or many more times some bridges excepted.

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Canto Ostinato Audio Ostimato takes place on the fascinating intersection between music, visual art and technology, and provides a unique experience for all the senses. Time becomes the space in which the musical object floats.

Repetition in this case has as its goal to create a situation in vanto the musical object affirms its independence and can search for its most favorable position with respect to the light thrown on it, becoming transparent.


The ordering of A and its satellite-sections as given in the score is, in a certain sense, relative. A couple of performances have taken place with the carillon of the Dom Tower of Utrecht. This page was last edited on 6 Julyat The piece can be performed with different instruments and a different number of performers.

Time plays an important role in Canto.

Canto Ostinato is a revolutionary piece that he wrote between and Repetition in this case has as its goal to create a situation in which the musical object affirms its independence and can search for its most favorable position with respect to the light thrown on it, becoming ostinnato. They recorded over 45 Cds in the last ten years. Time plays an important role in Canto.

Cd Canto Ostinato four pianos by Piano Ensemble, Oldenburg, Russo, Van Veen & Van Veen

There, a Guatemalan called Sebastian Hurtado made a Marimba with a wooden resonator pipe instead of gourd. Besides playing piano they teach, adjudicate, compose music, and produce many different concert programs on a variety of common and uncommon concert locations such as railway stations.

Apart from these alternatives each bar or section of the basic part itself has the possibility for variation: