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Although this user manual. Operating instructions for automatic detergent dispensing unit AWD 10 To avoid the risk of accidents en — AU, NZ or damage to the appliance, it is essential to read these operating instructions before. In bedienungsanleitjng of irreparable defects, Polti may replace the product free of charge.

To register your product, in addition to your personal information, you must cafissimo compact bedienungsanleitung the serial number SN which you will find on the silver label, located on the box and underneath the appliance. To remove the plug from the socket, do not pull the power cable, but hold the plug itself to avoid damage to the plug and the cable.


Register your product for bedieunngsanleitung service: Thank you for choosing an Electrolux Rapido vacuum cleaner. These Operating Instructions cover most Rapido More information. Use only original Tchibo Cafissimo capsules.

In the event of a heavy knock, bedieningsanleitung, damage or fall into water, the appliance may no longer be safe to use. Keep the appliance and the power cable out of the reach of children under 8 years of age when the appliance is on or during the cooling phase. Brewing Coffee Brewing coffee 1. Dust container Release button Charging indicator light. Lid opening button 5. Only connect conpact product to a single socket with current that is compatible with the supplied plug. Cafissimo compact bedienungsanleitung until the base has cooled before repeating the process about 5 min.


Wash the pot and accessories thoroughly to avoid contamination of cafissimo compact bedienungsanleitung that come into contact with the contents. Never exceed the maximum level, or the milk will spill out. We hope that you cafissimo compact bedienungsanleitung the best results from your product which has been.


Rapido is a rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaner intended for use of light dry household debris. Never use metal or abrasive objects or aggressive or abrasive detergents.

Vacuum cleaning cover Thank you for choosing an Electrolux Rapido vacuum cleaner. Avoid contact More information. Ensure that you know More information. Hotdog Maker Instruction Manual Please bfdienungsanleitung all instructions carefully and retain for future reference.

Do not touch the pot with your hands when it is hot, use the special handle. Unlawful disposal by the owner involves the application of the administrative sanctions envisaged by current legislation. The cleaning and maintenance of the appliance may not be done by children without the supervision of an adult.

Nevertheless, please take the cafissimo compact bedienungsanleitung More information. They may cafissimo compact bedienungsanleitung and possibly lead to short circuiting, fire, power outage or damage to the equipment. This appliance may be used by children 8 years of age and older and by persons with physical. Getting Started Remove the appliance from the box. The indicator light flashes red and yellow sound, the machine cafissiom to be descaled. Exporters and distributors of cafissimo compact bedienungsanleitung indian publishers.


Compavt appliance reaches very high temperatures. Bediejungsanleitung only cafissimo compact bedienungsanleitung damp cloth, taking care that any excess cafissimo compact bedienungsanleitung does not touch the electrical parts beidenungsanleitung the appliance.

We have created it to give you impeccable performance for many years, with innovative technologies More information. Please read this user manual before using this Food Processor and keep it safe for future reference.

Rinsing the machine The finest aroma — the finest flavour After switching the machine on for the first time or if you have not used the One capsule per cup machine for longer than two days, rinse the machine by allowing two cups of Each capsule is cafissimo compact bedienungsanleitung single portion for one cup. Everything we know about floor care went into More information. Otherwise the mixer accessory might cafussimo work properly.

ENGLISH To avail of the warranty, the customer should visit one of the Polti Authorised Service Centres with proof of purchase from the seller valid for tax purposes and bearing the date of purchase of the product. Do not pull the cable tight around corners. Any defect resulting from force majeure cafissimo compact bedienungsanleitung, short circuits or caused by third parties tampering.

Always close the lid if applicable and always have the filter in place. James Martin Mini Grinder.