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31 Aug BS +A specifies requirements for 13 A switched and unswitched shuttered socket?outlets for household, commercial and. Double socket outlet British Standard (BS ) 13 A V~ with shutter. System Ordering info · Features · Downloads · Select for comparison. Arteor™ British standard socket outlets, Mechanisms supplied with rocker plates, to be equipped with special plates, Support frame not needed.

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Parts list My house. Retrieved 17 December With the Gira Design Configurator, which is available on the Internet or as an app, diverse frame variants from the Gira switch ranges can be combined with selected functions in various colours and materials. The listings removed included over of the completely illegal plug without a fuse!

This method is sometimes used to allow a Europlug with two small round pins and no earth pin to be forced into the open line and neutral ports. The optimum interaction of various Gira products for homes can now be experienced and compared “live”. You will find figures of the selected products in the media database.

In addition, the fuse which was itself counterfeit, and not compliant with BS was the wrong value for the lead type.

However, earth pins must be solid brass, or, in the case of plugs intended solely for use with non-earthed devices, solid plastic. Gira uses cookies for websites in the gira. The BS series provides essential requirements for the safety, construction, electrical and mechanical testing, dimensional accuracy and markings of the UK national electrical power plug and socket outlet system.

A common indicator of a counterfeit plug is an earth pin which is partially insulated. Specification for 13 A switched and unswitched socket-outlets Status: A UK Government warning explains that counterfeit fuses can explode when they blow!


Home Switch ranges Technology and functions My Catalogue.

Here is a 3163-2 of 10 illegal pepper spray products captured on the Amazon. When electricity was first introduced into houses, it was primarily used for lighting.

They can also be purchased through many UK electrical component distributors.

ScameOnLine [EN] – InfoTECH: Details of technical standards [BS ]

A fuse that worked loose could end up protruding from the socket, electrically live and posing a shock hazard, when the plug was removed. The optimum interaction of various Gira products for homes can now be experienced and compared “live”. 136-2 insertion of non-compliant plugs may damage sockets. Retrieved from ” https: Watch this video to see what happens to a counterfeit fuse when the flex connected to the plug is short circuited.

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The general term is socket, but there are numerous common alternatives, including power point[6] plug socket bx, [7] wall socket[8] and wall plug. We have made a similar March annotated compilation of eBay sample listings all still available in June !!!

Double pole socket outlet Arteor – BS 1363:2 – 13 A- 2P+E switched- 1-gang – magnesium

Specification for adaptors BS 13A plugs, socket-outlets, adaptors and connection units. This amended standard allows switches to be incorporated into plugs, and introduced new overload tests amongst others.

13633-2 for 13 A switched and unswitched socket-outlets. Legislation [17] was introduced, with the last revision into require plugs sold to meet the technical standard. The Tripin is described in a book [24] dealing with the electrical products of A. The same catalogue included lampholder plugs for both BC and ES lampholders capacity unspecifiedand also a type of two-pole concentric plug and socket similar to a very large versions of the concentric connectors used for laptop PC power connections in the 1 to 5 lights and 5 to 10 lights capacities.


In the early 20th century, A. The charger supplied was different from the one offered, and a different mains lead was supplied. This plug is often used for air conditioners and washing machines. Safety Regulations 11363-2 introduced to provide a regulatory regime to address issues regarding consumer safety.

The dedicated versions have specific colours assigned to them, depending on the rotational position of the flattened portion. Media database In the Gira media database, you will find illustrations of the selected products which you can use for your publications. In the Gira media database, you will find illustrations of the selected products which you can use for your publications.

Arteor international wiring accessories close. Click here for an earlier gallery of sample ebay.

BS 1363-2:1995+A4:2012

There are certain characteristics common to British mains plugs and sockets intended for domestic use. You may find similar items within these categories by selecting from the choices below:.

You are also reminded that all products must be installed by a qualified professional in accordance with the installation rules. Dimensions are chosen to provide safe clearance to live parts. Our Data Protection Declaration contains more information about the cookies used by us or third parties and the ways bz which you can deactivate cookies. For screw mounting only. The information given in this e-catalogue characteristics and dimensions may be amended, and therefore does not represent 3163-2 undertaking on our part.

The package was passed, unopened, to officers from Police Scotland, in the presence of a local MP.