Broken Sky: #01, Broken Sky: #02, Broken Sky: #03, Broken Sky: #04, Broken Sky: #05, Broken Sky: #06, Broken Sky: #07, Broken Sky: #08, Broken Sky: # Broken Sky 1 [Chris Wooding, Steve Kyte] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Trapped in an unbelievably strange world, Kia and Ryushi. Broken Sky Series #04 [Chris Wooding, Steve Kyte] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Trapped in an unbelievably strange world, Kia and .

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Naja Sever rated it it was amazing Feb 25, I’m not too happy about how things are going with Hochi and Gerdi.

Broken Sky: #01 by Chris Wooding

To ask other readers questions about Broken Skyplease sign up. Babylon’s Ashes James S. I liked leaning about the wor This review may contain spoilers. They learn shocking truths about the king, their familly and the world they are living in. I’ll have to reread it someday and write a more detailed review! Katja rated it it was amazing Jul 22, However, a third plane is thought to exist. Bestsellers in Science Fiction. A re-read of one of my childhood staples; still surprisingly readable although the dialogue smells the same from character to character and the prose could be tighter; but it’s an imaginative and fun adventure story, one of the underrated gems of its kind.

To my great surprise and happiness, when the book arrived I discovered it also contains numbers 8 and 9, which obviously makes it the last one and an epic conclusion to the series. This is a bit of a guilty pleasure. Being a renowned wyvern-breeder, Banto purchased a grand total of eighteen Spirit Stones; six for each of his children.


Yeah yeah, I know I can hide my review, but what’s the fun of writing it then? Using this stone, it takes a mere thought from him to wipe out any or all life connected to the trigger stone. They appear in both orange and white colours – the white stones are more expensive as they show colours as they really are.

Broken Sky: #07 by Chris Wooding

The story is what always seems to suck me in. So I wrote it in text and in English, not knowing what I was doing, just going with what felt right. Daniel rated it it was amazing Nov 21, They are led by Macaan’s favourite Tatterdemalion.

I can’t say anything because everything’s a spoiler!!! Jun 20, Chandrica rated it really liked it Shelves: Metro Dmitry Glukhovsky.

Brooke rated it it was amazing Mar 17, Suddenly, they are thrown into a head spinning adventure. He also lived in Madrid for a time. One thing not told us though: The descriptions are very nice, the idea is good but the true marvel of this book is how well Chris Wooding develops his characters and their wooring. Broken Sky 1 – 10 of 12 books.

The Keriags’ stones are also connected to the trigger stone in Macaan’s forehead – and so he could kill them all with a single thought. In order to chrid rebellion, Princess Aurin – King Macaan’s daughter and the ruler of Kirin Taq – outlawed the purchase and implantation of Spirit Stones, rendering the sight of them in the backs of the Kirin people a near-impossibility.

Kevin rated it it was amazing Mar 25, Emma rated it liked it Jul 17, No trivia or quizzes yet.


Broken Sky Series

Possibly my favorite book out of the series, although I was greatly saddened by certain events. Because of this, they are much slower than their Keriag brethren. The story is definitely more for upper elementary grades and might be a tad too young or simple for the middle schoolers who are used to stories like Attack on Titan and darker anime. By nineteen he had signed his first book deal. It’s like hearing a good story told by a robot.

Miechelle Hwang rated it really liked it Apr 24, When he left university he began to write full-time, and he has been doing it professionally all his adult life. Mar 18, Jimmy Jonecrantz rated it it was amazing. I enjoy Wooding’s writing style, although these are some of his earlier brokwn and whilst his style is good, the character development and plot is a little more simplistic.

The only thing I did not like btoken this series, is that the characters are a bit too stereotypical sometimes, especially Gerdi made me uncomfortable by his likeness to the romani people or Ravnos in WoD. For a kid who really didn’t do much reading, these books got me not only interested, but involved in books.

I wanted to write a book in the style brkken the anime videos that I was painfully obsessed by at the time.