Introduction to Stamp Files in StampPDF Batch. Overview of the options block, stamp items, parameters, and adding comments. User Guide for StampPDF Batch. Powerful server-based application for stamping text and images into PDF documents. Use Appligent’s Redax redaction tool (an Acrobat plug-in) to properly remove confidential, classified, sensitive or private information from PDF files.

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Click the Stamp button. Redax will not install into the free Adobe Reader. Tell me more about StampPDF Redax Quick References Following are single page quick reference documents on working with Redax. Select the files to be stamped, a location for the stamped output, and stamping options. StampPDF Stam can then be called repeatedly with different substitution values for the given variables.

Frequently Asked Questions Q: Layer stamps over or under existing text and graphics. StampPDF Batch is used across many sfamp, including: Remove the last stamp you placed via the StampPDF menu. This means you no longer need to make changes to the stamp file to update custom text to be stamped by StampPDF Batch.

Support for maintaining fixed length Arabic text The output Arabic text will have the same length as the input text. How do I remove the old page numbers and re-apply new page numbers to my PDF?

Redact documents based on assigned categories Redact tagged documents.

Stamp page and Bates numbers, date and time in a variety of formats, and document information such as author, title, and file name. New Automatic Positioning Options StampPDF Batch has etamp been able to positions diagonal text across a page automatically calculating placement of text from corner to corner appligeny of the page size or orientation.


StampPDF Batch can also be scripted for multistage processing or deployed with our other products as part of a complete PDF workflow solution.

Adobe Acrobat Plug-Ins

Create a stamp and save it in a stamp file. Add one stamp or many stamps to PDF documents. This video will demonstrate how to setup your redaction preferences.

Bates numbering Watermarking Flexible page numbering options Over 30 built-in variables Automatic date and time stamping Add stamps to every page in a document, or to specific page ranges or increments Stamp copyright notices, disclaimers, or any other text in your choice of font, point size, opacity level, and color RGB or Grayscale Create as many lines as you need in your text stamps with complete control over line breaks Use variables to stamp file and path name, document information, page numbers, Bates numbering, and the date and time in a variety of formats Specify a precise location for your stamps; layer them over or under existing text and graphics.

The two classic automatic diagonal positions are as follows: It is not intended to work inside of the Adobe Reader.

StampPDF Batch Users Guide

If you are unsure of who to contact, please call us and we will put you in touch with HP representatives that can help you.

Using Redax without a Mouse. If you would like to start numbering at a number other thanplace the number to start before the J. If you manage classified, sensitive, or private information day in and day out, you know firsthand that you need a secure and thorough redaction process that easily, consistently, and securely removes sensitive text and graphics.


Now we have extended this capability allowing you to dynamically change the text being stamped as an input parameter to the call to StampPDF Batch.

How to use Redax without a Mouse Hands off that mouse. It does not work with the free Adobe Reader. This video will show you how to create Redax boxes and then how to redact using Redax.

Stamp Files – Appligent Docs

Set file display and navigation modes and zoom levels the user sees when the document opens. The new 2D barcode stamps are supported with appligebt of the placement options available for Image and PDF stamps.

Position them based on precise coordinates or relative location for example, centered. These settings will determine how the redacted area will appear.

StampPDF Batch Tech Specs – Appligent

See the Redax Users Guide for complete documentation. Apply bit or bit file encryption to your stamped documents. The two classic automatic diagonal positions are as follows:.

StampPDF Batch has always been able to positions diagonal text across a page automatically calculating placement of text from corner to corner regardless of the page size or orientation. Save text and image stamps along with formatting information in a plain-text template sppligent.