1 Jan Buy API 14FZ: RECOMMENDED PRACTICE FOR DESIGN, INSTALLATION, AND MAINTENANCE OF ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS FOR. 7 фев API RP 14FZ Recommended Practice for Design and Installation of Electrical Systems for Fixed and Floating Offshore Petroleum. Note: The protection techniques listed in API RP 14F and 14FZ are listed below for Divisions and Zones. Class/Division system. Intrinsically Safe Systems.

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S system are Safety and Convenience. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

Resistant to mechanical abuse. This also can enhance safety. Zone 2 Equipment must be certified as meeting the requirements of the area this could be a number of different protection concepts. Metal-clad cable for hazardous locations as defined in UL MI apo This recommended practice is intended to assist in development of a management program designed to promote safety and environmental protection during the performance of offshore oil and gas and sulphur operations.

This ensures that the gas or vapor located above the arcing or sparking parts or the gas or vapor located exterior to the enclosure cannot be ignited by the electrical arcing parts within the oil. Should be also used with Hot Work Permit. They could have high energy and I. You are permitted to work on an I.

Share buttons are a little bit lower. S system live no need for isolation however, your company procedures must be followed at all times. Providing protection from fire, smoke, water and blast pressures.


The bond seal must be permanent. Fixed and floating petroleum facilities located apii. This document provides guidelines and recommended practice for the satisfactory design of offshore structures against fire and blast loading. Resistant to Hydrocarbons and other chemicals. Thus, the protection techniques for equipment to be installed zpi Zone 1 locations can be less demanding than the protection techniques for equipment to be installed in Division 1 locations.


If Associate Apparatus is placed in the classified area then it must have another method of protection.

Metal-clad aoi as defined by NEC Article Energy Limited nL Limit energy of sparks; limit the temperature of a device replaced by Ex ic.

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Published by Nickolas Allan Jenkins Modified about 1 month ago. The guidelines presented herein should provide a high level of electrical safety when used in conjunction with well-defined area classifications. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Auth with social network: R – Restricted breathing enclosure. Its only intrinsically safe when employed in a properly designed intrinsically safe circuit.

Type ITC instrumentation tray cable Jacketed cable: This can reduce the initial capital expenditures, enhanced safety and ensure facilities are more economically maintained. They accomplish this by maintaining a permanent seal. Zone 2- Not likely or normally confined in containers. Must have the correct plugs and accessories.

Marine shipboard cable, marine applications. Explosion proof equipment may not provide protection against the ingress of liquids or solids therefore, breathers and drains may be required.

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Also, since the most hazardous locations Zone 0 locations are identified, such locations can be avoided for the installation of most electrical equipment. This equipment has additional security against the possibility of excessive temperature and the equipment is assembled very carefully to ensure that arcing or sparking from part to part or connection to connection will not occur.


Seals via O rings, Epoxy, molded elastomer and potting are NOT considered hermetically sealed unless the certification from a testing laboratory states otherwise. Therefore devices will have T Ratings to meet the requirements of the area and gas that could be released.

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ro This document recommends minimum requirements and guidelines for the design and apo of new piping systems on production platforms located offshore. Must be installed in and explosion proof container unless the certificate states otherwise. As tested by the NFPA This document recommends minimum requirements and guidelines for the design and installation of electrical systems on fixed and floating petroleum facilities located offshore.

This course covers the minimum requirements for installations within hazardous areas. The surrounding gas air mixture can automatically ignite with out a spark being formed. In Class I, Division 1 locations, motors shall be either explosion-proof or approved to meet one of three specific methods of construction a special ventilation system complying with NFPAinert gas-filled, or a special submerged unit—as described by NEC Article a.

Must provide adequately maintained breathers and drains to prevent accumulation of moisture Registration Forgot your password? Motor enclosures should be selected both to provide optimum protection pai the environment and also to satisfy the area classification requirements. Fordelene med et abonnement: