Ever heard of Russia’s healing pyramids? They are the work of Dr. Alexander Golod, a Ukrainian scientist who claims that they have the power. Dr. Alexander Golod, PhD. has been doing Russian pyramid research in the former Soviet Union since This research involved the construction of over. Alexander Golod is a Vice President in CBRE’s Midtown office specializing in lease acquisitions and dispositions, lease auditing and strategic development, the.

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In every single case, the pyramid seeds experienced a 20 to percent increase in crop production. Subscribe to our newsletter!

Living people Pyramidology Ukrainian scientists. Dangerous pathogenic viruses and bacteria became much less harmful to living organisms after a stint in the pyramid. If it only takes one milliliter of water to save a baby from dying, think about how much healing water even one pyramid could create.

Alexander Golod’s pyramid destroyed by a storm. Professor Klimenko and Dr. Golod’s research has been done whilst coordinating a team of scientists. This was done with more than twenty different seed varieties, planted across tens of thousands of hectares. Between the end of and the beginning ofthis result was duplicated forty times in the same pyramid, with different rocks each time.

Click here to find out more. If we remember that some of our thoughts seem to occur directly within the Source Field, this antipsychotic effect starts to make more sense. Rather than using any known medicine, they took a simple placebo sample of 40 percent glucose in distilled water, and stored it in the pyramid.

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Famous Moscow Pyramid destroyed by storm

Many theories are prevalent in the research, with writers believing pyramids to have several beneficial properties. Just before it was razed to the ground shamans held a spiritual rite inside. Even psychotropic drugs like LSD had less of an effect on people who were inside or within close range of the pyramid.

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In their hospital ward, they routinely had to treat premature babies with grave medical problems, who were only given days to live. As we briefly see in some of the videos now online, a faint but visible whitening would occur along the tops of these rocks, which otherwise should have stayed reddish brown.

These plants did not get sick, and were not affected by droughts. They later found that there was an even larger circle of energy around the pyramid that was an astonishing three hundred kilometers wide. This page was last edited on 15 Augustat Other strange quantum effects were discovered as well.

Log in Privacy Policy To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Ordinary placebo solutions like glucose in water now became effective remedies that could successfully treat alcoholism and drug addiction.

There is no scientific consensus on the plausibility of Golod’s research. Miracle health cures are still only one piece of the puzzle.

Alexander Golod is a Ukrainian former defense contractor and current scientist and alternative healer, focusing on pyramid research.

All you have to do is keep them in the pyramid for apexander few days first. These whitish areas did not appear on all the rocks—they formed a visible ring that was perfectly aligned with the central axis of the pyramid. In addition, these results tear the roof off everything we thought we knew about our own bodies, and about science in general. Unwanted materials like gums, pyrobitumen, and paraffin all decreased substantially. A number of tourists have claimed they experienced positive results after visiting the pyramid.


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Even though the English translation made it difficult to follow, I certainly understood the implications of what they had found—and this alexadner a vast, multidisciplinary effort from many top minds of the former Soviet military- industrial complex.

The control group was given the same carcinogens, but they were given only ordinary water that had never been inside a pyramid.

Famous Moscow Pyramid destroyed by storm – Russia Beyond

However no harmony managed to stop the strong Moscow winds these days. Just moments after they wrapped up their ritual the pyramid was razed to the ground.

aledander Furthermore, an ozone hole that was directly over the pyramid closed up only two months after alexanedr built it. Those with ailments did not recover or feel any better. It was built back in You must be logged in to post a comment. UPD on June 2, 11a. When this drug was diluted into a concentration of fifty micrograms per milliliter and stored in a pyramid for a short time, apparently just a few days, it became approximately three times more effective at fighting viruses.

In one case, after hearing oglod the greater crop yield, one farmer brought his seeds to the pyramid, only to yield a worse crop than the previous season. Unfortunately, Golod did not explain what this energy was, since the entire technology they used to detect it is still classified. By administering only one milliliter of this solution to twenty different premature babies who were almost certainly going to die, every single one of them enjoyed a complete recovery.