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Rockwell Automation Publication TDJ-EN-P – November ControlLogix I/O Specifications. OB16E. ControlLogix DC (10 V ). OB16E Low Price Guarantee! Allen Bradley – Rockwell Automation ControlLogix. ALBOB16E New, Repair and Reman Parts. Ships Fast and 2 YR. Get OB16E CONTROLLOGIX 16 POINT D/O MOD at wholesale prices at Westburne – your electrical distributor. Join Now!.

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1756-obb16e have ratings, but no written reviews for this, yet. See all 2 brand new listings. 1576-ob16e this case, my output module is in slot 6 of the local 1756-ob16s. Product Key Features Controller Platform. The rack and controller systems can offer multiple accessories for your computer. It has been fused electronically by group and has 16 outputs, with 8 points per group. Be sure to read up on the dangers, and proper procedures for resetting the fuse this way.

We can perform a power cycle, we can reset the fuses from the properties of the module, or we can execute a message instruction to reset the fuses. Take extreme care when allowing the operator to reset a fuse as this can cause a temporary interruption in your outputs.

For your path, you can use the name of the module, or specify the path 1756-ib16e. Pulling the module will cause power loss to all outputs on the module 175-ob16e just the bank that is blown.

You can provide conditions before the message instruction that allows the operator to reset the fuse. Another option is to remove the OB16E from the chassis, and reseat the module. This module also allows modification of the states in Fault mode and the states in Program mode. Other features of this module are multiple output point densities, configurable point-level output states, isolated and non-isolated varieties of output modules, and output data 1756–ob16e.


Its total backplane power is 1. A power cycle to the chassis will reset the fuses.


Another way to reset the fuse is with a message instruction. Resetting the fuse while your equipment is running could cause unexpected operation. Sold by toronjaparty New seller Contact seller. One one hand, this would be less severe than cycling power to the entire chassis. The OB16E module is an electronically fused output module. Also consult your plant standards.

It is also able to work with third party devices in addition to ControlLogix. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

If you are unfamiliar with the message instruction, please read up on it here. The controller can offer a scalable controller design that can provide many settings that work for different applications and accessories. Its maximum current per point is 1 A at 60 Degrees Celsius and its maximum current per module is 8A at 60 Degrees Celsius. Trending Price New. If you reset a fuse that is not blown, the outputs will be temporarily shut off, then re-energized.

It also contains on-board flex data alarming, scaling to engineering units, and real time channel sampling. It also has a maximum of 1 milliamp per point off-state leakage current and a maximum of mV DC at 1 A on-state voltage drop.


The second fuse protects outputs Show More Show Less. Note that it is necessary that the chassis and power supply be installed and grounded before installing this module with the RTB. The module also has an operating 1756-ob61e range from 10 to Your email address will not be published. For this reason, we must know the procedure for resetting fuses in the even that an overload condition takes place. Skip to main content. Both of them have ‘off’ set by default. See details for additional description.

Its minimum load current is 3 milliamps per point and its typical surge current is 2 A for 10 s per point, which 175-6ob16e repeatable every 2 s at 0 Degree Celsius.

Resetting fuses on the ControlLogix OB16E module.

Power dissipation of this module has a maximum of 4. The module offers 16 electronically fused outputs with eight points per group. Any Condition Any Condition. All our repairs come with a 1 Year Warranty.

If you reset 1765-ob16e fuse, some outputs will likely energize right away. This item doesn’t belong on this page. D Micro Programmable Logic Controllers. Using the RSLogix programming software, it is possible to configure the OB16E module’s transition from Program state to Fault state, the output state in Fault mode, or the output state in program mode.

If you are online with the processor, you can right click the OB16E in the Controller Organizer window.